Thursday, July 8, 2010


Hi Gorgeous!


I know I haven’t posted on healthy eating in awhile so here goes. I have totally been “off the wagon” and I just cannot post about something that is not going on in my life. It just wouldn’t be right.

Truth be told, I’ve succumbed to stress and eating on the go. Don’t get me wrong. I do get my wheatgrass, fresh juice, vegan and raw-vegan foods in but not on the level that I had going on before.

I read where Evelyn ( did a water fast (Whew!) for a few days. While I do feel the need to do a serious detox, I’m not quite 100% convinced that I could do a water fast just yet but I am marinating on it.

I feel as if I’m starting fresh. So here’s the deal-i-o:

  • increase salad intake
  • e3live in the morning
  • include a fresh juice everyday
  • increase fruit intake
  • bring the green smoothie back on a daily basis
  • incorporate colonics

But all of this would go absolutely nowhere without two main ingredients; Willpower and Focus.
I can't say it any better than Evelyn Parham's post on these two important facets here.

How's your willpower and focus when it comes to your health and wellness?


  1. I have to get back on my green smoothies. I've really lost track of that :(

  2. @Carrli- Hi Carrli! I totally feel ya. Thanks for coming thru.

    @Zainab1- Hon, I understand. Baby steps. And I certainly do wish you the best on your journey.

  3. your hair has never looked better and your skin looks great! my suggestion, keep those in-laws at bay and you'll be back on track in no time. we had a blast with yall. love ya.

  4. CO,
    Sounds like you have a plan that is a winner. Your body will definitely be get a good cleanse.

    Best wishes and keep us posted!


  5. @pamela_courtney - Sis, you are crazy! Lol!

    @Evelyn - I'll definitely keep everyone posted. Thanks for all that you share.


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