Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Hi Beautiful Ones!

Hope all is well with everyone. And that you all had an awesome fourth.

Aside from celebrating the holiday, I did exactly what I mentioned that I would do on last Tuesday. I purchased a couple of products from the Hairveda sale. I bought the Sitrinillah Deep Conditioner, cause I’m totally out and loooove this DC. I  also purchased a detangling comb (As if I really needed another one, but it is different from the ones I already have. So there, I needed it. Lol.) I also purchased some more Hairveda Whipped Gelly. I promise you the more I use it, the more I love it.

I also did some shopping at Sage Naturalceuticals. So happy that I can find & purchase products that I normally would only be able to purchase online. From there, I purchased Uncle Funkys Daughters Curly Magic. I tested it on a few strands and was very impressed. I’ll probably try it all over in a week or so. I also purchased Donna Marie’s Miracurl Curling Gelly and Donna Marie’s Miracurl Leave-In Conditioner and Detangler. I know. I went a little crazy. To tell you the truth, I was a little embarrassed to do so. The owner, Cindy, was so helpful and nice.

Why did I buy two curl defining products? Well…What had happened wuz... my daughter told me that she wanted her braids out (Just had those girls put in a couple of weeks ago so that’s not happening til the end of this month.) so that she could wear her hair curly. And I got a lil excited because 98% of the time she is adamant about wearing her hair straight but suddenly she wants to wear her hair in its natural texture. (grins) Check this. This is the same young lady who wanted to write a personal blog entitled “Forced To Go Natural”. Lol.

So you see why I got a tad excited? I was just estatic that she has embraced her hair. *Grins from ear to ear*

Anyhoo, I actually intended to talk about my hair on last week. I was actually going for a flat-twist side bun. Unfortunately, it did not go well. I thought that I could manage getting my parts straight but that never happened. *If anyone has any suggestions please send them my way. So I ended up putting the ends on rollers and hopped under my beat up table-top dryer in hopes of working my hair into some type of curly fro. Was invited to a party so I was trying to dry my hair as quickly as possible. I ended up not having enough time so I just figured I’d roll with whatever came of my do’.

And lo and behold….

Looking for sumthing,huh?...Me too, dammit! I'm so frustrated. My camera (which is old) only works w/my daughter's laptop. Unfortunately, it can be slow. But what really pisses me off is that once I've uploaded them to her computer, I'm unable to get them attached to an email to send to myself. Boo.
Bottom line: add newer camera to wishlist

Anyhoo. I was rather happy with the outcome and got a lot of compliments. It pretty much came out like a Twist and Curl. And yes, I will be trying it again very soon.

Have you stumbled upon or tried anything new with your hair?....


  1. I can not wait to hear your reviews, I just purchased a few afroveda products and whipped jelly was one of them...although , you know I looove my uncle funkys curly magic, lol.

    I intend to also try the highly talked about Donna Maries curling gelly.

    May have another fabulous natural in the house someday soon ...lol, that would be great!

    Take care.

  2. I look forward to your reviews. I'm trying hard not to purchase any new products, but you made me want to at least check into the products that you mention in this post.

    Take care!

  3. You sound like me with the products :) Pj's for life. That's why I have to stay out of stores - I am with you with the camera(need another one)!

  4. @Zainab1 - Hey Lady! I can't wait to share the outcome of those two products. I hope to sing the same praises of UFD as you.

    @Evelyn - Girl, you are good. I'm such a pj. Don't let me influence you. Lol.

    @MissCherie - Yes ma'am! PJ's 4 life!! Girl, my camera is driving me nuts! And I want a serious one too. Like a Nikon D5000.
    Thanks for coming through.


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