Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Eva Marcille

Alek Wek
I don't condone or advocate the smoking of cigarettes so we'll just say that that's a "natural" smoke from a "natural" product coming from her mouth. Lol. Otherwise, the photo & look are FIERCE.

I heart me some Kelis. I have much respect for the woman who is bold and brazen enough to ignore the  fashion standardI  & beauty idea set and followed by most of society and live her life according to how she feels and what makes her happy. I'd love to add color to my hair but I've hennaed waaaaaay too many times. I'll just wait until I start over again. It's all in fun.

Amber Rose

Yes, I added Miss Amber. I fell in love with her short 'do when I first spotted her in Ludracris's video "What Them Girls Like".  She definitely stands out amongst all the other long flowing locks. Say what you want about her but she is definitely rockin' it. Big ups to her for going against the supposed beauty standard.

Lauren Hill

Erykah Badu

And last but not least, moi back in the day, almost three years ago.
me -August 2007

I loved these comb coils.

Oh, and check out Fleurzty (Awesome natural hair blogger and sweetie) of Texture Playground.  She cut it all off. Again, after six or so years. Work it out, Lady! You look maaar-ve-lous!!

Well, I guess you're probably wondering, "Is ChocolateOrchid going to big chop again?".  No. Although, I have to admit that there was a freedom in doing so a few years back.  I'm still trying to see how far it (my hair) will grow. Maybe in three more years I'll revisit the idea. But in the meantime, I will continue to admire (and sometimes envy) the beautiful women with the short crop, baldies, low fades and petit afros.

Much Love To You All,


  1. You know I love me some beautiful pictures of naturals...and these pictures are beautiful!!

    I love the picture of you , and your hair really looked cute, it fit your face well. You, know I just recently in fact 2 days ago cut my hair again. I've read a few naturals have done this lately. As for me, I not really looking to gain much length...I like to wear my hair in a particuliar stlye...shorter on sides and in nape area and loooooger and fuller on top ...mo-hawk look . So, my goal is to keep what I have healthy...not so much length for me and not to mention its much easier.

    Maybe, later somewhere down the line when I'm tired of this look I will let it grow out a bit, again.

    Thanks so much for sharing these pic.
    Take care

  2. Hey Lady! I sssoooo feel you on this. When I BD'd I was wearing my hair braided and continued to until my hair was long enough for a ponytail. Hence, I missed the whole TWA stage and would like to experience it one day.

    But now that I'm better equipped with knowledge to care for my hair, I want to see if it will grow to lenghts longer than it has before.

  3. @Zainab1- Glad you enjoyed the pics. I'm lovin' the sound of your cut. Sounds quite fly!

    @CallaLily - I feel you being more knowledgeable about how to care for our hair. I'm sure I will cut my hair in a major way, one day. But I'm with you on seeing how long it will get.

  4. I love the style under lauryn hill. I wonder how you achieve that shape.

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  6. @Beautifulms - I'm feelin' it too. At first I thought it was comb coils but they look twisted. Not sure on how she achieved the shape. It is lovely though.

  7. I love me some TWA.....you're tempting me woman! LOL.....but I want to hang in there and see how these stresses go. I just saw Fleurtzy and was shocked, she look cute with it. Those pics are so inspiring and gorgeous and simply natural.


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