Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Remember my issues that I was having with my hair.

Well, the solution has been found!

Whether she knows it or not, one of my family members reminded me of the number one moisturizer - water. Thanks Pam! The summer weather was wreaking havoc on my hair before I began incorporating more of it into my regimen, . Now, I’ve upped my application of it to daily.

• Water: One-fourth of the weight, of a strand of hair, is made up of water. Water makes your hair supple and soft therefore you should have enough water. Water keeps your hair silky and shiny as well. *from iloveindia.com

Well, on top of having a wonderful shower filter, I’ve upped my application of water to my hair. I believe that’s all I needed to do. So every day, I put my head under the showerhead if but for a few seconds. When I do this, I make sure that the water is cool/cooler to ensure that my hair cuticles lay down. Sometimes I wet my hair a little. Sometimes I go ahead and give it a good rinse. And sometimes I full out co-wash it. It all depends on how active I’ve been and how I’m wearing my hair.

I can definitely tell you that my tresses are lovin’ it. After it’s been wetted, I apply a conditioner and/or butter. For my buns, I’ve been topping my hair with the Hairveda Whipped Gelly. Forget hair gels, I’m so lovin’ this stuff! And of course, I end by sealing my hair with an oil or pomade. Btw, if I use a leave-in conditioner I top it with the gelly and seal with an oil. If I use a butter (Qhemet Biologics Burdock Root Butter Cream), I top that with a pomade like Qhemet's Amla Oil Nourishing pomade. And yes, if I’m wearing my hair in a bun or smoothed down, I cover it with a scarf for a few minutes to allow it to set.

I’ve also brought back Apple Cider Vinegar Herbal Tea rinse to my regimen. I posted more about it here and here. The ACV helps to seal your cuticles, normalize your hair’s ph and make it shiny. Gotta love it!

So glad my hair is back to normal.
Hope this helps anyone out there. My hair certainly appreciates it!


  1. Go ahead ms ChocolateOrchid !!!!! do your thing !

    I am so loving and 100% with you on all of the above ...water I do this daily , I never miss a day of giving my hair a good cool /cold water rinse in the shower, and it is the next best thing since sliced bread ( lol) my hair loooves it!

    Now, I have yet to order the hairveda ( may look into that....becoming a bit of a hair junkie...pray for me, lol) but... but I have ordered and tried twice the afroveda whipped gelly...gotta say I do like it ( review coming soon @ AuNaturale)

    Annnd.... the Qhemet Biologics / burdock root & the other moisturizer I think olive something...please forgive me...I ordered in sample sizes to see if I like them.

    Lastly....Herb infused ACV LOVE IT !!!!...I use it on my hair as well as my two oldest.

    Great and exciting post ! thanks for sharing.
    Take care ( smiles)

  2. @Zainab1 - ROFL!! Yes, I am noticing your increase in product usage. Lol! I sure hope I had nothing to do with it. Haha!

    And yes, water is awesome!


  3. I love that you found what's working, especially in this crazy heat we've been experiencing! Have to check out your ACV tea rinse, was thinking of doing one last week, but the humidity got me going crazy!

  4. @Chai - Hon, I understand. The humidity has been on blast here, too.
    Can't wait to read about your experience with the ACV tea rinse.

  5. I agree with you with using the water. I was having a hard tim ewith my daughters dry hair and i started spritzing it with just plain water before applying the other stuff and it worked wonders! Her hair was like "YES"..lol


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