Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Let's hear what Carolyn, our author & contributor of Carolyn's Corner, has to say about Lecithin:

Lecithin is the most abundant of the phospholipids. It is a fatty food substance, which serves as a structural material for every cell in the body. It is an essential constituent of the human brain and nervous system. It forms 30 % of the dry weight of the brain and 17 per cent of the nervous system. Lecithin is also an important component of the endocrine glands and the muscles of the heart and kidneys. It makes up 73 per cent of the total liver fat. Nervous, mental or glandular over activity can consume lecithin faster than its replacement. This may render a person irritable and exhausted. It is, therefore, of utmost importance to add lecithin to the diet, if the body’s own supply decreases as in old age or working under stress.

Carolyn is a certified master raw foods chef and instructor. She offers raw foods classes, raw foods chef and instructor certifications and a weight-loss program.
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Carolyn, thanks again for the needful information that you graciously share here on Chocolate Orchid.
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