Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Hola Beautifuls!

O.M.G. Blogger or my daughter's laptop or the posting gods have been giving me grief. ALL DAY. It's almost evening and I'm just now getting this post done because of the trouble I had with posting my pics. So I just ended up resorting to my camera phone. Not the best choice but I got it done.

The New:
I know I've briefly mentioned being bored with the usual twist-out and being on a self-imposed bun challenge. So I wanted to share with you some new things that I'm trying. I love surfing youtube channels. One of my favs is ChiselleCouture's channel. She is fearless about styling her hair and comes up with some pretty great styles. A lot of which are protective.

One in particular that I decided to try was the "Flat Twist w/Bun".

My version came out decent for a first try. I'm definitely going to do this style again to get it closer to my vision of perfection.

*I ended up taking and sending these pics via my phone so please excuse the look of them. Especially, the back photo. Lol.

The Old:
It had been ages since I had applied some ayurvedic powder mixes to my hair. Oh yes! I forgot to mention that I purchased the Sprite shower filter and have used it a plenty. :)

So for this mixed I used the following recipe: 
3 T of Amla powder
2 T of Brahmi powder
1 tsp of Maka powder
1 tsp of Hisbiscus powder
1 tsp of Burdock Root powder
1 14 oz can of Coconut Milk

I must say that I loved this mix. The Hisbiscus powder made it a bit grittier to wash out but my hair felt like "Oh la la" afterwards. I'll definitely be playing with the amount of each powder some more because it was a bit runny. I prefer mine to have more of a paste consistency so I'll probably bump up the amount of every powder outside of the Amla next time.

Have you tried anything new or brought back an oldie-but-goldie lately?.....


  1. I looooove your hair , it really cute. So, glad that you're filter is working out.

    Take care.


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