Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Hi Beautifuls!

Remember my post on the vivacious & fab Miriam who just so happened to be a practicing nudist?.
While living in New York City, she remains clothed. But, as said on the show, she does visit nudist camps and retreats.

Now seeing as I was raised in the typical Southern Bible Belt household where keeping your ass covered at all times was a requirement, I initially assumed that Miriam was going to be quite …weird. She was actually quite sweet, joyful and funny. As I watched her particular episode of “What Not to Wear”, I was intrigued by her “freeness” and even more so, by her total acceptance of her body.

Her reasons for becoming a nudist were a direct result/reaction of a 7-yr controlling relationship in which she was dictated to cover it up in a super conservative way. She was never allowed to express herself or have her own style or decision in dressing. So once the chains were broken she let it all hang out-literally.

I have to admit that I highly respect the positive body image that she has. And I must admit that I’m sort of embarrassed that I’m not quite there with my own body. (And yes, I am one who, for the most part, appreciates Eryka Badu’s “Window Seat” video). I love the thought of having total self-acceptance, the physical along with all personality quirks. I love the thought of being totally transparent. I envision these attributes to be quite freeing.

Miriam has inspired me. Uh, not saying that I’m ready to strip down to my b’day suit and head to the nearest nudist/naturalist camp. But I am moved to purposely take time, look in the mirror and accept & love every dimple, dent, scar, stretch mark, bump & ridge that is on my body as beautiful.

Can you say that you like what you see when you’re standing in front of a mirror stark naked? Or are you bound by the attributes that you think are “unpretty” based on societal constructs? Do you even bother to look?.... Or have you visited a nudist/naturalist camp, retreat or beach?

Do Share.

I can imagine the feeling of it. Not being constrained to social mores and opinions but being free to be totally open, physically, socially and spiritually.

Naked and not ashamed.


  1. Interesting and honest post! :-) I am learning to accept my physique 100% - flaws and all - but I've always stood on the conservative side. I don't think that will change for me.

  2. Hey there CO...I totally agree with Callalily. I am also conservative...I love it that way, honestly I wouldn't change it for nothing in this entire world. Being , conservative is when I feel the most beautiful. What is my beauty is... my beauty as a gift from god one else's unless I choose. And I teach my daughters the very same. nudist places for me, lol. The very same way some others may embrace their freedom to be who they feel they need to be in the way of nudity...I freel a lot more free...being conservative and embrace that...whole heartly.

    Great post btw... Really good discussion. Take care.

  3. @CallaLily- I hear ya, Hon. For us ladies, accepting our physique is difficult and trying but once attained is such an awesome thing.

    @Zainab1- I understand and respect your perspective. Thanks for commenting.


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