Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Okay. I know I haven’t done an update on my hair in awhile. But to be quite honest, its pretty boring. I’ve decided to do protective styling throughout the summer by wearing buns. So that’s pretty much what I’ve been up to. I think what really motivated my decision to do so is that I’ve gotten bored with the twist-out. So bunning seemed to be one of the easiest and “coolest” protective styles to do during a warm, humid summer.

I’ll also be incorporating more protein treatments by using a couple of eggs. I may try it one time by mixing it with a conditioner. I did a protein treatment w/eggs only a couple of weeks ago and had great results. Check out Au Naturale blog for some great recipes. My hair felt strong and wasn’t dry. I deep conditioned afterwards and put it back into a bun.

To slick down my hair, I’ve been using Curl Junkie’s Curl Assurance Aloe Fix. Loves this stuff. It has great hold and is quite moisturing. During the Hairveda sale, I purchased the Hairveda Whipped Gelly and I think I’m gonna love it also. I did a spot test with it and liked what I saw. I'll definitely keep you all posted on it.

Here’s my issue:

My bun tends to go dry so I have to stay on top of keeping it moisturized. Is this normal? Or should I just continue to try different product combo’s? Also, by day 3 or after a workout, I’ve got the frizzies.
Any suggestions?.....

Update: a pretty good combo is Qhemet’s Burdock Root Buttercreme and topping it with Qhemet’s Amla Oil Pomade. I think I also have to keep in mind that I'll need to apply a moisturizer on a daily basis. Still have some other combo's to try that I'll keep you updated about.

Here’s my current regimen:

Shampoo once a month or as needed

Co-wash twice a week – my hair craves water(moisture)

Oil massage scalp 2 to 3 times weekly

Steam Condish once a month

Henna once a month

Protein treatment every 6 weeks

Ayurvedic treatment (amla, brahmi & maka) twice a month

I'm not listing too many products because I have quite a few that I'm trying to use up and then those that I'm currently testing along with those that I still have to test. Whew! What can I say? Almost 3 years sans the chemicals and I'm still a pj who enjoys putting her hands in her hair. Lol.

However, I will list a few of my staples:
leave-in:  Mop Organics Leave-In (Loves this stuff. It's my fav.) 2nd choice is Oyin's Handmade Honey  Hemp Conditioner
condish wash:  Herbal Essence Totally Twisted
shampoo: Jane Carter Solution Hydrating Invigorating shampoo/Mixed Chicks Gentle Clarifying shampoo
                or Devacurl No Poo

*My apologies for the short list but it's late and I'm hella tired and sleepy.


  1. Hey there CO, Your hair hair looks so healthy and it really does look strong... very pretty. I love the idea of protective buns....that really does sound like a winner. Good luck and happy growing ( smiles), and thanks for the mention... take care.

  2. I hear you on the dry issue. I personally have been wearing a phony pony since Saturday and I won't take it down until Friday (henna treatment coming) so I know my hair will be dry but I just deal with it and try to compensate with "extra" conditioning.

    If you find a winning combo for your dry hair, please share what works for you. Thanks!

  3. To combat the frizzies from working out, I usually tie my hair up in a scarf to keep the sweat from frizzing up my hair. I also keep the scarf on until my hair dries so that it doesn't continue to frizz.

    You can try the baggie method at night to keep your bun from drying out. Just apply your moisture combo to the hair and place the baggy over your bun and wrap your hair however you normally do it. HTH!

  4. Hey CO,

    Your hair looks amazing. I be glad when I can sport a bun like yours. Best wishes on your challenge. Looking good, girl!

  5. @Zainab1- Thanks Lady! The mention is my pleasure. Loves your blog!

    @CallaLily- I'll definitely keep you posted on any winning combo I come up with. Have fun w/your henna treatment. Can't wait to do my next one.

    @Satin Doll- Thanks for the suggestion. I totally forgot about baggying overnight. That was something that I tried a long time ago.
    Thanks again!

    @Evelyn- Thanks Hon!

  6. Your hair looks super healthy! Do you only cleanse your hair once a month or use shampoo once a month? After a week, my hair NEEDS a great washing session. Oh, and I MUST try Oyin, it's been on my wishlist for the longest!

  7. Hey Chrissystina!

    I generally cleanse/shampoo my hair once a month but truth be told, I'm still tweeking my regimen. So it really depends on what products I've used and how much I've sweated from working out.

    Oyin's is a favorite amongst a lot of folks. I think they still sell a sample packs. I can remember them being one of the first products I tried when I bc'd. Still love their conditioner. And their videos are hilarious.

  8. Your hair is looking really healthy, =D I'd say spritz it throughout the day with a water/oil combo and you should be fine.


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