Thursday, May 13, 2010


Hi Beautifuls!

So I figure I that I should do a post on hair this week (which I typically do on Tuesdays) since I’m listed as one of  Networked Blogs Top 50 Natural Hair and Beauty Blogs. Shout out to Shelley of Naturi Beauty for the heads-up. And congrats to every blogger on the list. I love to learn of and find out about other bloggers and their sites.

So here goes the “Tuesdays for Tresses” post that wasn’t. Lol.

Lately, I had been reading about people using Cinnamon to lighten their hair naturally. Fleurtzy (Texture Playground) and Zainab1 (Au Naturale) got me really hyped about it. So me being the woman that still loves to play in her hair decided to give it a try.

I used the following recipe which is listed on Au Naturale :
Cinnamon powder (at least 4 tablespoons)

Honey (optional) at least 2 Tablespoons
Shower cap

Now, for whatever reason I felt like I needed to double up on the recipe. I suppose because my hair has a little length to it. Either way, I did not need to and ended up wasting a lot. *shrugs* You live and you learn.

I had read that a few folks experienced some tingling, maybe a bit of burning upon application. However, I only experienced a slight tingling which was temporary. Unfortunately, I did not see any change in my hair but I must put out the disclaimer that I do have really dark hair that has been hennaed and treated with amla/brahmi/ maka ayurvedic mix several times.

Will I try it again? *nodding head* Certainly! Remember, I like to play with my hair.

If any of you have tried this, please let me know what your results were. Especially, if you have dark colored hair.


  1. Super Congrats! on making the top 50 list...That is great. Try...try again (lol) thats what I always say. Keep us posted on your final results. Take care.

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  3. Sorry I had to re-post.


    I haven't tried it personally but I helped my friend apply her mix. I use the regular henna but she purchased the "Spice" Mix which included cinnamon and cloves. It did add brown highlights to her henna. Cinnamon sticks are the preferred use also. I haven't heard about too many women using it alone without henna so that could be an issue.

    I've been thinking about purchasing the "Burgundy" Mix which is henna and hibiscus flowers but I'm not sure how it would work with my skin tone. I may just do indigo next time I henna.

  4. @Zainab1 - Thanks! I definitely will.

    @Spiritual Awakening - Hey Lady! And thanks! Where'd did you purchase the "Spice Mix" from? I think I'd like to try that.

  5. I order from
    I've purchased their coconut oil, Jamila Henna, Amla, and butter lip glosses. Great company. Just go to the section under Henna Bundles and you can check out via paypal or whatever you prefer.

  6. Never heard this before but I'm gonna try it. Great tip.

    @spiritualawakening, I'm also interested in henna but was afraid to try it. now I will.

    thank you both.

  7. @SPIRITUAL AWAKENING - Thanks for the info. I'll look for this.

    @SunCearRaye - Hey! Thanks for coming thru.

  8. Eeek! I'm on the list, too! I am happy to share this space with you, my sister!! Congrats!!

  9. @Miss Moon - Hey Gurl! I saw ya on there! Congrats!!

  10. thank you for sharing... cinnamon is very healthy and benefit-el to our health.


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