Tuesday, April 13, 2010


As a devout fan of TLC’s What Not To Wear , I was so impressed to watch a natural-haired diva grace, and most importantly, leave the show…with nary a strand touched by a flat iron or straightening comb.

A beautiful spirit, by the name of Miriam, went through a fashion intervention/transformation that was quite impressive. When I saw the target for the show, I instantly fell in love with her hair.

**Sorry I couldn't find a better picture(s), but her hair was gorgeous even before.**
Her hair was gorgeous. I immediately wanted to know how long her hair had been chem-free or if she ever had a relaxer. How long had she been growing it? And how she was caring for it? It was so healthy and beautiful. Surprisingly enough, Ted Gibson (current WNTW hair artiste) respected the hair. Woo hoo!! No flat iron. No relaxer. He applied a beautiful reddish-brown color to her hair and gave it a more modern cut. (Between you and me, I preferred her hair shape before.)

Now some of you may be wondering why I’m making such a big to-do out of this. Well, given WNTW”s hair styling history, leaving a curly, coily, wavy and/or kinky haired person’s texture alone is a rarity. Under usual circumstances (or should I say in the past), the first thing they want to do is straighten it. Giving the overall impression, from the show, that you can’t be fashionable, beautiful or your best you without straight hair. Boo.
So yes, I was pleasantly surprised and happy with the outcome of the show.

P.S. Miriam is a practicing nudist. That’s a whole other post. *wink*

Have an awesome Tuesday!


  1. Hey Chocolate orchid, I'm with you , so glad to hear that her beautiful strands , was left un touched. Btw, I also am a big fan of this show, so sorry I missed the episode. Thanks for sharing this, Take care.

  2. @Zainab1 - Hey Lady! I wish that you could watch the full episodes online but for whatever reason this is not available. Boo.

    @Ms. M - Yes, it was. I thoroughly enjoyed watching it.

  3. I also liked the shape of her hair before the cut. Much more versatile. I loved that episode because I really liked the clothes they selected for Miriam and I loved her spirit. I admit I am a bit addicted to WNTW and I lvoe Stacy and Clinton, but that someone on that show respected natural hair is a plus in my book.

  4. @Patti- Hi Patti. I'm with you on that.


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