Monday, March 29, 2010


Morning Beautifuls!

Over the weekend, I read a really great article on a topic that, I'm sure most of us already know. But I just had to share it anyhow. It's regarding a study on optimisms effect on the immune system.

Psychological scientists Suzanne Segerstrom of the University of Kentucky and Sandra Sephton of the University of Louisville recruited first-year law students by sending them a packet during the summer before classes started. The 124 students who participated in the research were studied five times over six months.

The students' general outlook on life -- whether they had an optimistic disposition -- didn't account for the differences in immune responses between students. But as each student's expectations about law school waxed and waned, their immune response followed along, the study said. At more optimistic times, they'd have bigger immune responses; at a more pessimistic time, a more sluggish immune response, the researchers said.

All the more reason to stay focused on the good and positive.

If you want to read more about this, you can click here for the full article.

Have a wonderful day!

**Above photo is of a Reed Seifer.


  1. Hey there ms chocolate orchid, whew! I have been trying to post on your blog for a few days now. Love this post, thanks for posting it. love the new look btw. You know lately since you've changed the look of your wonderful blog. I have had the hardest time logging into your blog. I dont know if it blogger itself , or my pc, or the page. I dont know if any of your other followers are having this problem. Just wanted to give you a heads up. Take care

  2. Hey Zainab!! Glad you like the new look. Sorry to read that you're having trouble posting. Haven't heard from anyone else, but I'll definitely look into this.

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