Thursday, March 25, 2010


Hi Gorgeous,

Some time ago in the far, far away realm of my personal history... Well, actually it was Feb. 14th. Anyhoo, last month I talked about me choosing to do a one-day juice fast/abbreviated juice feast. It was actually motivated by HippieMom over at The Raw Journal.

Let me tell you, I was extremely pumped about it. I gathered & researched my books on juicing. Had picked out the particular juices that I was going to focus on. Purchased a few vitamins and supplements. And had gone to the Farmers Market and bought a ishload of produce.
I. Was. Ready.

That morning when I got up, I had such a sense of peace. It's hard to explain but I felt a peace, calmness and sense of well being. Go figure. I guess I had already begun the process of "clearing out" in my mind.

The juicing went well. I never was hungry. Seriously. By the afternoon, the only thing that kicked in was my desire to chew. I actually missed the act of chewing. HippieMom even mentioned this in her post on her juicing experience. It was quite interesting feeling this way. I ended up not fasting beyond that one day. But my conclusion is that I will definitely do it again. I'm actually contemplating juice fasting/feasting this weekend.

Here's a couple of my fav juice recipes:

CO's Basic Green Yummy Juice
1 Granny Smith apple
1 lemon
a few leaves of kale
several leaves of green lettuce
several leaves of red lettuce
**It's really up to your discretionary tastes as to how many green leaves you'd like in your own juice.

Apple, Carrot & Celery or Ginger Juice
2 gala apples
1 stalk of celery or an inch(or 2) of ginger
several carrot stalks
**I like to be heavy on the carrot juice so I typically add at least 6 to 8 stalks. Not so fond of celery, so it's just 1 stalk of that. Lol.

Also, I do use organic produce.

Have you juiced anything lately?....


  1. No, I have never tried making my own organic fresh juice, however god willing I plan to in the very near future. Thanks for sharing these great recipes here. Once , I commit I think I will start with something for beginners, not sure what that would be as of yet, lol.

    I love the part where your sharing your sense and feeling of peacefulness & calm, I love & can appreciate that, good for you!!!
    Take care.

  2. Hey Zainab1! Hope you share your experience when you do decide to give it a try.

  3. Hi CO

    I love smoothies and juices also. I feel like it cleanses my insides. I will try the green recipe.

  4. Hey just discovered your blog (I like it!)

    My fave (almost daily) juice combo are carrots, a little spinach and a tiny piece of ginger in the morning to wash down my vitamins. I may try your apple, carrot, celery blend, sounds great.

  5. Hello Beautiful ♥
    I am trying to catch up right now! I LOVE how you spiced up your blog and your juice combos are terrific!
    I have not been juicing at all during this vacation. I was off track all the way lol!
    Time to adjust things I guess;-)


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