Monday, March 1, 2010


Good Morning Gorgeous!!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend. I'm still playing catch-up, so today I'm sharing the wonderful Beautiful Blogger award given to me by the lovely Evelyn at Natural Raw Living. Thanks for even thinking about me in this light. {{Hugs}}

Rules for this award
•Thank the person kindly who passes this to you and link your award back to them.
•List 7 Things about Yourself
•Pass it on to 15 Beautiful Bloggers

7 Things About Me
1. Patience is a virtue that I have a fixed amount of. What can I say? I'm a work in progress.
2. Lately I've grown a liking towards reality shows. I don't know what happened, given that a time ago, I swore I'd never watch them.
3. I'm so freakin' ready for spring. I'm just sayin'.
4. I love a great (challenging) work-out.
5. I want a small dog. Really bad. I fell in love with a Bichon Frise this weekend.
6. I can over-think things.
7. I will scream if I hear another damn news clip or special on Tiger Woods and his personal life when there are sooooooo many major economical, environmental and social issues that we could spend time on resolving.

Here are a few of the beautiful bloggers out there that I'm passing this award to:

Natural & Organic Body Care
Passion Fruit
Rawkstar Diaries
Execumamas, I hear ya!
The Raw Journal (gotcha!)

I do realize that this is just 8 out of 15 bloggers. So, what I propose to you is to fill in your names for the other seven spots because you are all beautiful.



  1. Well thank you so much Chocolate orchid, you are so kind. I really appreciate this lovely award ( smiles. Take care

  2. Ah!Ah! Thank's my Dear ♥. I can over think things as well ☺ and luv sweaty workouts.


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