Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Good Morning, Gorgeous!

Just had to share w/you my hair day on this past weekend. I did my first successful ayurvedic hair treatment. Woo hoo!!

A few weeks ago, I had my hair blown out and flat ironed, which I will NOT be doing again. (We’ll talk about that later.) So I pre-shampooed with my trusty Hairveda Vatika Frosting. Then I co-washed with Herbal Essences Totally Twisted condish. Rinsed that out and did an oil rinse with Carol’s Daughter’s Hair Elixir (It's one of the products I'm trying to use up). After rinsing the oil out, I applied the powdered mix.

This is what my mixture consisted of:
2 T amla
2 T brahmi
1 tsp maka

I added enough hot water to make it into a slight paste and let it sit for about 20 minutes (not sure if that was necessary).

After rinsing out the condish, I applied my ayurvedic mixture. Next time (this weekend), I will remember to used Coconut Milk instead of water. I let it sit on my hair for about 40 minutes. Then I rinsed it out and did a 30 minute steam treatment with Darcy’s Botanicals Hair Mask.

Once that was done, I did a cool rinse out and spritzed my soaking wet hair with Darcy’s Botanicals Herbal Leave-In Spritz. After which, I wrapped my hair with a Curl-ease towel for about 10 – 15 minutes. Then I twisted it up with Darcy’s Botanicals Madagascar Vanilla Styling Crème. I wasn’t too sure how I felt about it as I used the products and even after twisting my hair but I will say that I was lovin’ my twist-out on Monday. My hair really felt soft and moist so I’m glad I made this purchase….says the woman who’s trying to use up the products in my ever increasing stash. Lol.

Now back to me not getting my hair blown/flat-ironed out anymore. Well, at least no more this year. I really felt like it was dry this time. And that did not make me happy. So from here on out, I’m sticking with no direct heat. I’ll probably try a roller-set among other styles just to quench my need to switch it up.

So what’s going on with your hair?....

Future reviews coming soon on:
Darcy’s Botanicals
Afroveda Hemp Seed Lock, Twist & Roll Butter
Donna Marie’s Lock & Twist Pudding
La Boutique de Fleurzty

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  1. Hey lady! Glad your mix was on point. I really need to stop playing around and get the powders I've been wanting to try (I'm such a procrastinator sometimes).

    I just wiped off the dust on my Hair Elixer too, lol. I didn't really like it much and it was about 1/2 gone so I just added olive oil to it.

    Looking forward to your upcoming reviews. Take care! {hugs}

  2. CO, Thanks a bunch for sharing your hair filled weekend. You, know I tried the ayurvedic powders, and my hair turned out so dry. Let's just say I hated the results. And, I swore off Ayurvedic powders. The two I used were Brahmi & alma. I threw the Brahmi out, but I still have the alma. Do, you have any suggestions on how I should use it, maybe I did something wrong.

    here is what I did:
    I simply mixed a 3-2 tablespoons ( maybe that was to much, now looking at your measurements , here)
    with 1 tablespoon of honey, 3 different oils, 1 tablespoon of glycerin, into some conditioner, mixed and applied. And let it sit for 1 hour , was that to long?

    Any, tips / suggestions. Thanks, Take care.

  3. @Callalily - Thanks for sharing your addition to CD Hair Elixir. As far as oil rinsing, I wasn't a big fan of it either. Outside of that, I'm okay with it. I will try adding olive oil to mine, also.

    @Zainab1 - I've heard of it drying out other folks hair also. If I remember correctly, I had the same issue when I first used amla by itself. I think what's different for me is that I did an oil rinse before applying the powder mix. I also look forward to using Coconut Milk in place of water. I believe the fat in it helps with moisture retention. Don't quote me on that just yet though. I need to research it.

  4. Great information; I can't wait to hear your product review for Darcy’s Botanicals. I too have resticted myself from any new product purchases...but I really want to try the Darcy’s Botanicals...

  5. Thanks so much for the tip of doing a oil rinse before applying. As for the coconut milk I love, love love coconut milk in my hair also so if I decided to try these powders again, I will try these tips, thanks again! Take care.

  6. @Daphne- Hey Lady! How's "the Frosting" workign for ya?..

    @Zainab1 - Happy to help! Can't wait to hear how things go whenever you try it again. I'll be doing another mix this weekend. This time w/the coconut milk.


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