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**With respect to Valentine's Day (and due to the feedback that I continue to get on this particular post) I've decided to "repost" from September. Hope you all enjoy this repeat!!**

In my journey to incorporate a majority of raw/living foods into my diet, I have come across a lot of foods, supplements and herbs that I had never heard of. One of such herbs was Maca.

It has amazing properties and is becoming more well known of for its effectiveness in health challenges, including osteoporosis, male impotence, menopause, menstrual difficulties, chronic fatigue, and depression. Maca (Lepidium meyenii) is related to the turnip and beetroot. It grows underground, enduring extremes of temperature due to the altitude and proximity to the equator. A true superfood it is the only native vegetable in South America to be a member of the cruciferous family, sharing the cancer fighting properties of its relatives. It is similar to a sweet potato but in the West we can buy raw organic maca in powdered form, keeping all of the nutritional benefits intact. Maca is an adaptogen - that is, a plant classified to have certain medicinal qualities that can fight stress and reduce many degenerative diseases. Maca supplements are often marketed as an herb, although 'herbal maca' is actually a root vegetable. It is widely known for its libido enhancing powers and medicinal properties, but it has been a food product for thousands of years in South America.

Key phrase here is “libido enhancing powers”. So let me lay this personal experience out to you.

Some months ago, I decided to incorporate Maca powder into my diet because I wanted to try this popular food out. After all, it was well known and often mentioned in recipes on raw food blogs, sites and circles. So, of course, me being me decided to give it a try. After all, it’s a raw food and certainly is good for you. Well, I should have read a little more about it or asked some other raw foodies more indepthly about this food because it really had an impact on me. Not long after consistently taking it (I purchased the powdered form and would add it to my smoothies), I noticed something..different about myself.

I was abnormally “hot-n-bothered”. Now please understand. I am a healthy, adult woman with natural sexual desires. But suddenly, I noticed that I was always….ready. Oh my goodness! It got to the point where I could just be reading, laying in the bed, talking on the phone, reading the bible (insert holy book of choice) and urges would just hit me almost overwhelmingly. (Please note that at this same time, I was not in a relationship so I had no one to work this out with. Pure torture, I say! Pure torture! Lol.) I was about ready to jump the mailman, and believe me, he’ ain’t “jump-worthy”!

Yes, this dude needed to watch his back! Really!!

So let’s talk a little more about the uses & history of Maca because I obviously didn’t pay close attention to the stuff I read or didn’t give it much stock.


When the farmers were grazing their flocks in Peru many years ago they noticed that when they let their animals graze where there was lots of Peruvian maca root growing the animals would become much healthier, hardier, and stronger, and also they would tend to copulate a lot more and have a much higher fertility rate.

After a while the farmers tried the Peruvian maca root on themselves and found that it made them much more energetic, and strong, and better able to withstand the high altitude, and harsh climate, and also that it made them more sexually active, and fertile as well. Since then, there has been much widespread recorded knowledge and facts about the reputed abilty of Peruvian maca root to be a true aphrodisiac, and a fertility enhancer as well as a very effective energizer, strengthener, and instiller of a feeling of well being.

Maca holds a special place in Peruvian culture. Its dried roots have been treated as a delicacy for thousands of years. To the ancient natives of the Andes, maca was also reputed to restore the fertility of their livestock which often suffered in the high elevation. The Inca's used maca as an energy enhancing potion to give themselves more power before going into battle.

Maca has also been valued as trading commodity. Maca crops are often exchanged with communities at lower altitudes for other food staples such a rice. They were also traded with the Spanish conquistadors as a means of paying taxes. Maca has also been used as a herbal medicine believing to improve fertility, sexual desire, strength and endurance.

Did you notice the words “fertility”, “sexually active”, “libido “and similar terms as it relates to Maca? I challenge you to google it. As a matter of fact, I double-dare you to google it! I guarantee you that you won’t find anything different. And from personal experience, I can definitely tell you that its true.

Now of course, it offers other benefits like:
* Increases energy and endurance

* Increases stamina

* Alleviates chronic exhaustion (fatigue) syndrome

* Can regulate hormonal irregularities

* Aids in alleviating depression, gives a sense of well being, reduces anxiety

* Reduces anxiety and stress

* Has a beneficial action on the circulatory system; Speeds wound healing and reduces anemia

* Enhances memory, learning, and mental ability

* Has a beneficial action on the circulatory system; gives skin a more youthful appearance

* Helps treat anemia, rickets, osteomalacia, and stomach cancer

* Good for healthy teeth and bones

* Inhibits the growth & reproduction of fungi and bacteria

* Acts as an anticarcinogen and antioxidant

* Is an alternative to anabolic steroids, helps to build muscle

So it will definitely benefit you while getting your wheels in gear. I’m just sayin’.

So if you’re looking to increase you and/or your mates libido, I’d say go for. I had to put this stuff away…at least for a minute.



  1. Its funny you'd post this today. I'm sitting here drinking a smoothie with 2 TBS of maca powder. lol..Take care, sis!

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    I nominated you for the sunshine award;-]


  3. @Evelyn Parham - Haha!! Me thinks you're getting ready. Lol.

    @HippieMom - Ooh, thanks Sweetie!!

  4. I always love a lil history to precede the benefits. Thanks a mil!

  5. That was a great post. They should make you the spokesperson! I'm going to buy mine now :)


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