Wednesday, January 13, 2010


As most are aware of, Haiti has suffered a devastating 7.0-magnitude earthquake leaving numerous people dead and injured. Please offer up your prayers and donations to help during their time of need.

Text “yele” to 501501 to donate $5 to the YĆ©le Haiti Earthquake Fund or visit and click donate.


You can find another listing of links to charitable organizations to help Haiti


  1. yes this is soooo sad , it brought tears to my eyes. To see the old , the young, the very young in such despair, how unfortunate.

  2. thanks so much for dedicating 2 posts to the Haiti earthquake. My parents are from the island and some of our family and friends have perished. although, i can't stomach the images in the media, i force myself to look at them because I DONT WANT TO FORGET HAITI. I really want to encourage others to do whatever they can to assist the Haitian people. When American and other nations leave Haiti and the camera's stop rolling, when the next big topic is Tiger Woods, will you remember? Will you act?

    I want to commend you for the fine work that you have been doing and continue to do.

    I want to thanks for shedding light on this subject.


  3. @zainab1 - I totally feel the same way.

    @iamkamilah - You have a point. I hope & pray that this does not happen. Haiti will be in need of help and assistance for a long time and I pray that the the donations, volunteering, medical care and help with rebuilding will stay consistent with the needs and not drop off.

    Its really difficult for me to put my thoughts and emotions into words about this tragedy so I continue to pray, donate and do what I can in my power to help.


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