Friday, January 8, 2010


Hi Beautiful!

Hope you've had a wonderful week! Mine seems to have been super busy. I'm a little pooped so I hadn't really prepared an official Friday post but here goes...

Today is a "snow" day here in Atlanta. And if you don't know what that means let me tell you. Being in the south, we really aren't equipped to handle snow and/or icy conditions because we rarely get that. For example, there was a 30 car pile-up here because the DOT had not gotten to that part of a highway. Having said that, we have a little snow and a lot of ice along with temps in the teens (windchill of 2 degrees) which means all the schools are out and some businesses are closed for part of the day, maybe more. So as soon as I'm done here, I'm getting back in bed. Lol.

Today is also my daughter's birthday. (Didn't she luck up with a snow day as a b'day!) Got a 14-yr old whom I'm very proud of. She's a good kid - uh, young lady. Just the other day, she asked for some green smoothie. Now granted, she wasn't feeling well at the time, but just her thought to get some green smoothie in her to remedy illness really impressed me. She does listen to me! Woo hoo! Normally, she sees me making what she's calls "a lake" and runs in the opposite direction. It's cool. Now I know she is taking note. She just doesn't know how much she made my day. =)

Green Smoothie
good bunch of kale
some parsley
filtered or distilled water
a little agave nectar (for the newbie)

I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend. Take some time to do something good for yourself.

And as always, "Do you".

Much Luv,


  1. ***Happy Birthday*** To your sweety;-] & happy week end (despite the snow!).

  2. That is so powerful! What a beautiful reflection to have our children, nourish and nurture themselves to wholeness via our own advice combined with their innate knowing *gasp* My friend Akilah over has a 5 year old who is vegetarian and was not raised with processed foods. When they use food in projects in her Kindergarten class to make cool stuff the teacher lets them eat it and her daughter kindly refuses bc she doesn't know the source! I love seeing this generation grow up with a consciousness that reflects expansion. Good job sistah....I'm not a biological mother yet, but I am definitely taking note and!

  3. Happy Birthday to your little young lady! Enjoy the snow day off!!

  4. Happy birthday to your Princess!! And I'm an avid green smoothie maker myself. I add a little pineapple to it -- YUM!!!! Have a wonderful weekend!!!

  5. Thanks Ladies!! I appreciate all your well wishes and comments.

    @Hippiemom - I so love your profile pic. Makes me wanna be on a beach somewhere. Lol.

    @Naturi Beauty - Thanks Sweetie! And I'm sure you will be a awesome mom.

    @Kristen's Raw - Thanks for coming thru, Hon! That smoothie was absolutely yummy.

    @love.akihsoy - Thank you, Dear. We definitely are.

    @Execumama - Thanks Sweetie! Pineapple is sooo yummy in smoothies..and alone. Lol.

  6. Enjoy your weekend , I heard on the news about that 30 car pile up, thats horrible.
    You and your daughter enjoy yourselves, embrace her coming into her own that's wonderful. Take care ( smiles)

    One more thing, ( a little off topic) but where do you purchase your essential oils from, and which oils would you recommend?

    Thanks a bunch!

  7. Hi zainab1!

    The last time I did a big purchase of herbs and essential oils, it was from Mountain Rose Herbs. I'm a bit anal about getting quality natural and organic products so I felt most comfortable ordering their brand.

  8. Hi ChocolateOrchid! I have you listed on my blogroll at I'm going to stop following you thru friends connect. I have soooo many blogs listed in my dashboard that its crazy! I'm trying to clean up any duplications. Just didnt want you to think I dropped you because didn't! Love your blog!

  9. Hi Anna Renee!

    I totally understand. I'm following alot of blogs in my dashboard also. Lol.
    Thanks for letting me know.


  10. Here in the arctic tundra, we started our new year with TWO snow days. Short week for the kiddos. Loooooooong week for the rest of us. I have snow up to the window sills on my lil' cottage. I just can't shovel anymore. I just can't.

    Hope your lovely teen had a rip-roaring time on her day off and her Birthday. You're a good Mama for modeling such healthy behavior for her. Just wait and see how it'll pay off in the years to come!


  11. Please try to keep warm (I can only imagine how terrible the weather must be) and happy birthday to your daughter!!!

  12. @earthmother - Okay. You've just convinced not to whine so much about this. Brrrr!

    @InnyVinny - Thanks Lady! Good to see you come thru.


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