Tuesday, January 26, 2010


"How do I love thee? Let me count the ways." *sighs*

I am finally getting around to reviewing Hairveda’s Vatika Frosting.

You had me at “Hello”. *sighs* or better yet, that scent.

That undeniable scent of frosting on a freshly baked cupcake. The heat from the perfectly sized petite cake causing the scent of warmed vanilla frosting to invade my senses. *shakes myself back to my senses*

Okay, let me get to my review. Since you already know that I’m taken by the heavenly scent of this product, I’ll focus on its performance.

I have used this only as a pre-poo treatment and am extremely satisfied. This product, whose consistency is that of …well, frosting leaves my hair quite manageable. However, because it is an oil, please know that it melts in your hand …just like frosting in your mouth. Focus, CO! Focus! But I digress, with the addition of this to my regimen; I can feel a difference in my hairs moisture retention alongside its manageability during my washing regimen. I especially find it helpful when I do a henna treatment or another ayurvedic hair treatment since they can be a little drying during the process.

The following is straight from the Hairveda.com:

Vatika Frosting-Enhanced Coconut with a Sweet Twist!
Vatika in Hindu means garden. In India, coconut oil is widely used in Ayurveda health remedies. This special blend of coconut oil, henna, lemon & Amla provides natural nourishment to your hair.
The blend gives the hair body and radiance, taking care of the critical balance of nutrients. Our pure coconut oil is blended with henna and Amla with lemon to strengthen each strand of hair from within.
When used 1 day before washing, Vatika Frosting provides a protective coating promoting shine and health. A scalp massage with Vatika Frosting also promotes hair growth. To maintain the oil and moisture balance of your hair, remember to do a conditioning treatment with oil at least three times a week.
Ingredients include: Pure unrefined Coconut oil, Amla extract, Henna extract, Lemon extract, Fragrance.

Among being a pre-poo treatment, you can also use Hairveda Vatika Frosting after final conditioning, then rinse with warm water (oil rinse). You can use it as a sealant. Or you can mix it with conditioner and leave it on your wet or dry hair for an hour before rinsing out.
An 8 oz jar costs $10, but I happen to catch it on its $5 sell. Bought two, so I’m contemplating doing a giveaway but this scent has me a little greedy. ;)

This is staying in my hair care regimen for life! Loves this stuff.


  1. sounds interesting , I have never heard of this product until now, thanks for sharing this info. This is one reason why I enjoy visiting your page , there is such great info here. And the ingredients sound's really good also ( that's always a plus, right , lol) keep those post coming. Take care (smiles)

  2. LOL!! You had me cracking up! It does smell delish!

  3. I use the VF as a deep condition...I let it sit on my hair for about an hour then I co-wash my hair...My hair is so moisturized afterwards and I love it..Must order more jars before April...because I think she only sells the product Sept-April

    and the smell is amazing...My puppy seems to follow me more when I have it in my hair lol


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