Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Hola Good People!

I hope you're keeping warm wherever you are. It's 24 "balmy" degrees in the ATL. And I won't even mention what the windchill is. Anyhoo, remember the post that I did on my first ayurvedic mix for my hair?... Well, I finally thawed it out to use once again. It went a lot better this time. Although, I believe I should have been more thorough in the application.

It's okay. I still have another application's worth left. Yeah. Really. I made that much. The mix consisted of amla, bhringraj (also known as maka) and brahmi ayurvedic powders along with some grapeseed oil & avocado oil. As stated in the older post, I used WAY too much. Instead of dumping the entire boxes of ingredients in the bowl, I should have used amounts in the size of a tablespoon or two. Learned from my mistake though.


Amla - promotes hair growth, controls hair fall, cures scalp infection, controls premature graying

Brahmi - cools the scalp and induces sound sleep, Controls dandruff, Makes hair long, dark, Dense & lustrous , strengthens hair roots

Bhringraj (or maka) - makes hair dense, promotes hair growth, cures Alopecia, removes scurf, prevents premature balding, helps with sun-damaged or color-treated hair

Now between the Brahmi and the Bhringraj(maka), one of these was the culprit of putting some dark, hard to clean grit under my nails. Just fair warning, if and when you use one of these powders be prepared to have to work on your nails. It took forever for me to get them free of the dark powder.

Other than that, this application was a success. I followed it with a steam oil treatment. Woot woot! I used a mix of Bhringraj oil and an oil mix that I had on hand. I'm really digging the steam oil treatments right now. I think they're really benefiting my hair during this cold season.

My hair feels great,detangles very easily, has a nice sheen and seems to hang better. Or maybe it's just growing. I'll take that too!! I've also noticed that my hair hasn't been shedding as much. Usually, I shed a small rugs worth of hair when I do my weekly washes. This amount seems to have been cut in half, maybe more. I think its a combination of the use of the steamer and the oil and ayurvedic treatments. Either way, I will continue to do these things.

Have you done or tried an ayurvedic mix lately? If so, what was your mix?..


  1. Oh my goodness, it's SOO cold in Atlanta today, I ran errands this morning and froze my butt off!

    But I am so overwhelmed every time I look into trying ayurvedic mixes... I get lost and confused and then I give up.

  2. cool, this is so interesting and sounds great. Thanks for sharing this , I've learned from reading this post. I have never heard of this mix until now. Your hair looks beautiful..

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  4. Im going back home to atlanta on Sunday. Im spending my whole winter break in Ohio (visiting my friend in med school). It is 14 degrees here and two feet of snow. I left my fricking shea butter at home and my skin is in shambles lol. Cant wait to go back home where it is 'warmer'. lol

    I wish I could get into indian powders more. but most of them stink to high heaven **sigh**. Wish I had the stomach for it. Great post!!

  5. I really want to try this AND henna for the first time ever. I feel like it's my hair destiny...or something...

  6. @love.akisoy - Hi Lady!I know its crazy cold here right now. We'll see if we get snow to top it off later on this week. I'll work on posting more "to the point" info on ayurvedic herbs and some simple mix amounts to try on next week. Stay warm, Lady! :)

    @zainab1 - Thanks, Dahling!

    @Alana- Ooh! 2 feet of snow. Woah! That's even a bit much for me. Bet it was beautiful though. I understand your issue with the smell. I have the same issue with some products.

    @Chrissystina - Go for it, Hon! Your destiny awaits you. Just jump out there and give it a try. =)

  7. Good post I definitely recommend ayurvedic shampoo to all, I am using ayurvedic products and simply impressed with results. they smells good even they are natural as well.


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