Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Hi Beautiful!

Just wanted to let you in on what I’m presently doing w/my hair for the winter. I may have briefly mentioned sticking with protective styling which is what I’m doing. But I’m not gonna lie.

This... Is... A... Struggle.

You see, I had just gotten a handle on mastering the “twist-out”. On top of which, I have a serious case of HIH (Hand-in-Hair) disorder. So although my hair has been in twists for 6 days (since last Friday), it feels more like 6 weeks. This is such a struggle for me right now. I swear I'm having withdrawal symptoms. Seriously! However, I’m in it to win it. I’m determined to take better care of my ends, not manipulate my hair as much so that it will retain its new growth better, and not lose as much length at my next hair trimming. My goal is for my hair to be slightly pass shoulder length when lose.


I moisturize my hair every other day using my spray mix (distilled water, lavender essential oil, & lemongrass essential oil), topping my twists off with that good ole unrefined shea butter and sealing an inch worth of my ends with oil (Jamaican Black Castor oil, avocado oil, almond, jojoba, whichever one my hand picks up, or a mix). Then I cover it with a scarf and put on my trusty cap when I go out. God knows I need to expand my hat repertoire.

I wear a scarf when I go to bed. I also sleep on satin pillows for double measure and for the nights when I just don’t care. I’m only wearing my hair loose when I go out to an event, function, etc.

I’m pretty much going to stick w/the twists and probably a few buns here and there to mix it up. Although, I think I will try loose braids this time just to mix it up. Maybe even this beautiful style I saw on Texture Playground. I don’t know. I love putting my hands in my hair and playing around a bit but when it comes to styles that require a lot more work, I get a little apprehensive.

I’ll be washing my hair along with an ayurvedic treatment on this Saturday. And yes, I'm still loving my hair steamer, sweet Betty Jo (name given by Tina aka Beanie of Elan Tresses thankyouverymuch). Last week I used it on my daughter’s hair. I combined Jane Carter Solution Nutrient Replenishing Conditioner with Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose Moisturizing Conditioner. Talk about a sweet combo. I’ll definitely be trying that on my hair.

So what are you doing for your hair this winter?...


  1. Is this the picture of your hair ?, if so I love it, your twist look great. Love your winter regimen, thanks for sharing that with us (smiles)

  2. Hey zainab1! It is a pic of my hair. Thanks for the compliment. I'm really trying to stay focused on this protective styling kick so I'll definitely keep you all up to date on everything.

  3. Great hair!

    Do you go to sevananda to get ingredients to make hair products? if so, what do you make?

  4. Hi Alana!

    And thanks! Sevananda is like the first place that I think about going to for ingredients. They're definitely not the only place you can go to, but I knew that their store would have the everything that I needed. They carry some jars, bottles, some butters, oils, aloe gel, essential oils and herbs, etc etc. Basically a one stop shop.

    Hon, I am so the basic mixtress. The only things that I've made thus far are shealoe mixes and hair teas. That's as far as I've taken it. Not sure if I'll take it any further.

  5. Hair looks healthy and hydrated! I'm doing an Amla treatment right now and wondering where all this snow is they said was coming!

  6. your hair is absolutely beautiful!


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