Tuesday, December 8, 2009


cable knit beanie

Okay. It's definitely winter. We had a weekend here that was full of cold blustery winter air and I knew immediately that I needed to invest in some more cute, and functional hats.

Protecting your hair during this season can be effectively done in a manner of ways. One of which would be by donning some headgear. They are so many varieties and colors to choose from that range in prices. So I'll just share a few of my favorites with you.

Urban Outfitters Chainlink Slouchy Beanie-$28

Coal Premium Leila Tweed Wool Satin-lined Cap-$39.95

Walnut1 Tam from PurpleSageDesignz on Etsy

Juicy Couture Grosgrain Band Military Cap - $58 (Nordstrom)

Juicy Couture Luxe Cable Knit Newsboy Hat - $75 (Nordstrom)

Not just for the occasional bad hair day, hats can be quite fashionable and effective in keeping your hair healthy during this time. For hats without a lining, I usually cover my head with a cute scarf. I haven't mastered lining caps with satin or silk materials, so if anyone has pointers on this please share. Also, if you know of any good hat shops/stores, please share.

And don't forget, always keep those tresses moisturized underneath your choice of headgear.

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  1. I definitely go to Etsy for my beanie and scarf wearing needs.

    My best, Lynn


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