Thursday, December 31, 2009


Hi Gorgeous!

I just wanted to say that I truly appreciate 2009. I’ve learned so much. I’ve met and connected with so many of you wonderful bloggers and folks online. Coming from a woman who ,for a time in her life, was shy and slightly introverted I must say that I have totally connected with the fact that I thrive and crave interaction with people. It’s been a hoot meeting and corresponding with so many interesting people.

I know that most people are especially reflective around this time, myself included. So here’s my drop on the things that I have gotten out of the year 2009.


To trust and listen to my gut/spirit/intuition.

That I am the only person who can limit myself.

That any doggone thing is always possible as long as you go ahead and take that step /leap!

That I really enjoy meeting new people.

That I really enjoy meeting people who are from a different culture/country.

Expanding the types of people I know is a great thing!

Focus is essential.

That it’s okay to ask.

I find it thrilling to run towards (and overcome) my fears.

Not to take things personal.

That it's absolutely okay that some folk just won't like you.

That I really love my kitty.

That I really love a good cocktail. Lol.

I enjoy dropping by at my daughter’s school. Really.

That it’s okay that I’m a far cry from perfect… and never will be.

Mistakes are inevitable. Learn from them. Get over them. And move on.

There’s a vast difference between being religious and spiritual. And I choose the latter all day, every day.

Being mentally “free” is so frickin’ awesome!

That I am not responsible for everything.

That I cannot change the fact that some people will always choose to live in the role of “the victim”.

That I had not let go of some things.

That it's time to let go of some things.

Forgiving is absolutely necessary to be whole, healthy, happy and free.

That I am only in competition with myself.

I really enjoy & love yoga!

I really enjoy belly dancing!

I really enjoy a vigorous and challenging workout.

I really enjoy variety in my workout. =)

I'm still lovin' my chemical-free hair!

There is a peace like no other in being content with what I have.

To accept the things that I cannot change.

That it is so okay and often times liberating to say “No”.

That everything works out as it should.

That I am blessed and fortunate to have meet and meet so many wonderful people in this blogosphere.

What did you learn in 2009?.....

Let’s do it in 2010!

Peace and blessings to all!

**Had to edit one of those due to wording. Much Luv.**

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  1. OMG! I love this sooo much...I am done with my 2010 plans but I never thought of doing a 09 recap! Thank you for the inspiration;-)
    You are awesome(;-)


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