Thursday, November 19, 2009


Hi Gorgeous!

It is sooooo beautiful here. I hope that you are having lovely weather where you are. If not, happythoughts. =)

On last week, I decided I wanted to really expand on the types of greens that I was using for my green smoothies. Typically, I've stuck with spinach and kale. But after more reading & research on green smoothies, I see that rotating the greens in them is very important.

Why? Because almost all greens contain trace amounts of alkaloids. Tiny quantities of alkaloids cannot hurt you. It can actually strengthen the immune system, in tiny amounts. However, if you keep consuming kale, or spinach, or any other single green for many weeks without rotation, eventually the same type of alkaloids can accumulate in your body and cause unwanted symptoms of poisoning. Mixing them or putting your greens into rotation is the best way to consume them in your diet. And just so you know, this does not apply to fruit.

Having said all that, I decided to try some weed. Dandelion weed that is. Why dandelion? Well, because I had seen some green smoothie recipes with dandelion in them and was curious as to the taste and benefits. I had read in one of Victoria Boutenko's books that weeds are high in vitamins and minerals, especially because they haven't been cultivated by extensive farming methods. Only thing is they (weeds) are quite bitter in taste. It has been said that the more bitter a green is the better is for you. I figured that (bitterness) was easy to get around though. Just add a sweetener.

I'll share the two green smoothie recipes I made but let me tell you some of the benefits of the dandelion green.

Antiviral - The roots possess strong antiviral properties.
Blood Sugar - May help stabilize blood sugar levels.
Digestion - General The root acts as an appetite stimulant, helps promote digestion and gastrointestinal health, encourages the growth of healthy bacteria, and alleviates flatulence.
Gallbladder - Cleansing and healing to the gallbladder. Typically, the roots or juice from the leaves are used for this.
Heart - May help lower bad cholesterol (LDL) and raise good cholesterol (HDL).
Kidneys - The leaves support kidney function and act as a diuretic.
Liver - The roots promote liver detoxification.
Menstruation/PMS - Alleviates the bloating associated with PMS.

Now before you go to pullin' weeds in your back yard (As a friend of mine thought I was doing. Lol.), I recommend that you get them from your local farmer's market (where I got mine from) or you may want to consider taking a class to help you identify plants.

Now onto my yummy smoothies:

1 bunch of dandelion
1 frozen banana
some frozen mango chunks
1 C distilled water
some agave nectar (to sweeten)

This was good, however it still had somewhat of a bitter after-taste to it hence the drinking of it in a wine glass. Hey, I had to do what I had to do to help me consider it more palatable. The next smoothie was awesome.

1 bunch of dandelion
2 granny smith apples (Their tartness really balances out the dandelions bitterness)
1 frozen banana
distilled water

This one was sooooooo delicious! It's my favorite now.

Well, that's all for now. I'll talk more on the benefits of wild edibles (weeds) on next week.

Happy healthy living,


  1. Hi there, ChocolateOrchid! It looks beautiful, but I don't know....... :o)

  2. Hi Anna Renee! I understand. If you ever decide to try a green smoothie, its best to start w/a green like spinach. Spinach doesn't really have a flavor in smoothies so they're alot more easy on newbies.

  3. Chocolate orchid: you know, you really inspire me. I truly admire your dedication to eating healthy. You have me really considering changing some things in my diet to add more , much more eating habits of benefit. Also, I may just try this smoothie it really doesn't look that bad and the ingredients doesn't sound bad either. Thank's a bunch for posting this. Keep it coming , very imformative. (smiles)

  4. yum! The green apple one sounds really good! I experimented with spinach a bit in fruit smoothies. The first time was..well bitter..the second time was better..I put mango and bananna with apple.

  5. Hhmmm dandelion and I have a weird relationship. It's so good for you, but I have a hard time getting it down unless it's combined with sweet :) Your recipes sound yummy! :)


  6. I looooooove mixing up my greens – for juicing and for smoothie making. I was in pig heaven all summer long with my garden, which was overflowing in dark leafy greens.

    Dandelion is a fave of mine. Such a good liver tonic! And after years and years of eating G-A-R-B-A-G-E, my poor liver needs all the help it can get.

    If ever you think your smoothie is too bitter, just add more fruit.

  7. @Tina - Yes, the granny smith apples did it for me. That's how I'll be making my dandelion smoothies from here on it. It was awesome.

    @Kristens Raw - Hey Kristen! It's great seeing you here. As bitter as it is, I can totally understand anyone having a hard time with dandelion. But I'm telling you the Granny Smiths totally cancelled that out. I didn't have to add any agave or stevia.

    @Earth Mother - Hey Sweetie! How awesome it is that you have a garden. I so can't wait to have my own.

  8. Great combination. We will Rotate our greens as well. Thank you for sharing your hard work and dedication.


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