Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Hi Beautiful Ones!

Sending nothing but joy, peace and happiness your way. I hope that all is well w/you.

I know I mentioned posting pics after the pin-curl but I was not feelin’ the look. It wasn’t bad, just kind of deep wave-ish, boufantie look. Not what I wanted. On top of which, it’s cooler now and after losing 2 inches (to the trim) I want to do a better job of protecting my ends (on top of which it keeps raining here). So I’ve been putting MOP leave-in condish sealed w/either my shealoe mix or my sample of Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment. After this application, I simply put my hair into a low or high bun, depending on the workout, with the ends tucked under.

I attempted to do the Southern Tease bun but my hair just wouldn't cooperate. I think I had trouble w/this because my hair is stuck on staying waved-up due to the pin-curls and bunning (along w/the fact that it’s super-soft which I believe comes from the salons steam treatment). I’m still determined to do this one day. It really is beautifully & elegantly simple. I love it! Maybe when I go back to a salon in April, I’ll be more successful at ManeandChic's bun. (Btw, I love her site! It’s one of my favs!) Oh, shoot!! I forgot about April showers. Guess I’ll be shooting for May. Lol.

Also, lookey what I have here.....

I've been thinking about this one for awhile so I decided to go for it. The idea behind it is that I should be able to do a wash-n-go and dry my hair quickly without messing w/its texture. We shall see. I'll give it a try this weekend and see how it works out. Speaking of hair wish lists, I am so contemplating buying my own hair steamer. I keep reading many wonderful things about it so I may jump on that in a week or so. Either way, you'll definitely be posted.

Peace Out Beautiful Ones.


  1. Hey!!!! I've heard of this hair steamer... what does it do exactly??

    I love that bun!!!!!

  2. Hey Lady! The steamer is supposed to open up your hair cuticle allowing the conditioner to deeply do its work on your hair. I've heard its phenomenol.

    Just from my experience w/it at the salon, I'm thinking that it is a worthwhile investment. Especially seeing as I'm still considering coloring my hair.


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