Monday, October 12, 2009


Hi Beautiful Ones!

I hope that all is well in your world. I'm doing much better. Last week was a struggle between late nights and early mornings for most of the week. I was a bit stressed (will discuss more on Wed.) and pooped.

Thanks so much for all of your well wishes towards MommaOrchid. She's doing very well and is pretty much back to her usual self.

Today's good news is regarding an opportunity to reduce your cell phone bill. I know quite a few people, including myself who use their cell phones so much that is has become their main phone so I figured this bit of info will come in handy for everyone. ("free" web service), makes it quick and easy to see if you can save money - with your current wireless company or by changing to another one. The site analyzes millions of rate plans to find those that are best for you, based on where you live and how you use your phone. The co-founder of BillShrink, Schwark Satyavolu, says "80% of the people who come to the site actually save money." He also says that the average savings is between $200 and $300 during their two-year service contract."


Tell BillShrink how many phones you have, how many airtime minutes you use and how much texting you do each month. Do you have Web access or a data plan? If you have electronic billing, you can import all that information. In just seconds, you can see where you stand.

The site shows you various service plans - from your own carrier or the competition that cost less. The savings listed for switching to another company factors in any termination or activation charges.

BillShrink promises to provide unbiased information even though it works on a commission basis. It makes money whenever a user click through to one of the recommended wireless plans.

You can read this article in it's entirety here. Also, if you click on the link for BillShrink, you'll notice that they give information on credit cards, gas and savings & CD's.

Also, if you've already taken advantage of this service, please leave a comment. Would love to here your experience with it.

Also, gotta shout out Evelyn P. over at Natural Raw Living for awarding me with the Kreativ Blogger Award (my 2nd time). How cool. It's nice to know when folks are feeling your stuff.

Evelyn, I must thank you for your wonderful and inspiring blog. Girl, you help keep me going and motivated in my raw foods journey. {{HUGS TO YOU, LADY!!}}


  1. I'll have to check out that site. I'm trying to watch my pennies.

    You deserve it. I learn so much from you too..Hey..I got me some Maca powder this

    Have an awesome day!

  2. @Evelyn Parham Let me know how that Maca works out for you.


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