Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Hola Beautiful Ones!

I just had to share this part of my journey with you all. You may find this interesting.

Earlier this week, I had some juice which I added chia seeds to. About 30 minutes later, I had to take my daughter somewhere. While she was tending to her work, I sat in the lobby w/the other parents. It was very quiet. Well, until my intestines started talking. I was so embarrased! Gurgle, gurgle, gurgle. I ended up waiting outside because the gurgling was crazy loud. I figured it had to do w/the chia seeds which I hadn't had in a while.

Well, here's one of the attributes of chia seeds that I had forgotten.

Intestinal Broom:
Chia seeds bulk up, then work like an incredible digestive broom, sweeping through your intestinal tract, helping to dislodge and eliminate old accumulated waste in the intestines. Many people find their stools also become more regular once they eat chia.
*info from Chia Cheat Sheet from*

Needless to say, this has reminded me that its good to include chia in my diet on a daily basis.

If you've never read my original post on Chia then click here. I also winged a couple of smoothie recipes with them that you can see here.

Places You Can Find Organic Chia Seeds:
Organic/Health food stores
Whole Foods markets

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