Wednesday, October 21, 2009

$124.95 IF YOU PLEASE....

Hi Beautifuls!

I was so side-tracked w/the delivery of the current Barbie Collector catalog (Yes, I receive them. Lol.) that my intended post will be done later. Granted my days of playing with Barbie dolls have long since gone, I still love to admire the details and the high fashion of the Collector Editions. Goodness! Wish I could have a collection of my own. And of course, the fact that these dolls are beautiful creations that look like me, well.. sort of but you know what I mean (which is still not that common a sight) makes me want them even more. The designer of all of the dolls shown here is Mr. Byron Lars.

Let's take a looksie at a few of my favorites....



"Tatu" from the Treasures of Africa collection

"Nne" from the Treasures of Africa collection

And "Ayako Jones" is this fierce barbie at the top. Iwanther! Iwanther! Iwanther!

So $124.95 if you please. I'll take cash, check or money order. Or you could just send me the doll.



  1. LOL :-) They are all beautiful - I especially like Tatu

  2. I loooove BL's Barbie collection! The dolls are so elegant & sophisticated. I only own one, Cinnabar Sensation. Wish I could buy them all!

  3. @CallaLily - Yes, they are all beautiful. I wish I could have them all.

    @Park Avenue - I'm so jealous! How do you display yours?...

  4. I definitely don't play with it! LOL It's still in the box,inside of ANOTHER box in safe keeping. I would love to collect more of the BL dolls & have a special place to show them off!

  5. She is gorgeous! When did she come out? I get the catalogs and didn't see her? I have Sugar and the curly haired Cher. I want this one too!


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