Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Hi Beautifuls!

Over the past couple of months, my interest in using herbs (common and ayurvedic), not just for health but for my hair, has grown exponentially. I've read a few posts and articles about people using them successfully in hair tea rinses. Tea rinses meaning, brewing herbs as a tea and then rinsing your hair with that very same tea.

Below is a video of an easy-to-do tea rinse done by Trenellm on Youtube. She's really funny.

You can subscribe to Trenellm on Youtube here.

Here's a short list of some herbs and their benefits to your hair.

burdock root - helps prevent hair loss, nourishing
coltsfoot - encourages hair growth
fenugreek - conditioning, medicating, rich in protein, treatment for falling/split hair, growth, silky
nettle - conditions/stimulates scalp
peppermint - stimulates scalp, cooling
rosehips - conditioning, moisturizing
rosemary - encourages hair growth, adds shine

You can also find a list of some herbs, their benefits and ways to use them from hair mixtress, Anita Grant.

I've tried a tea rinse with Marshmallow Root (has great slip to it) and Hisbiscus together. It made for a wonderful detangler.

Aside from using herbs as hair rinses, you can also drink herbs in a tea for many health benefits but do note that if pregnant, use caution and consult with a specialist before doing so to insure you and your unborn childs safety. Ingrid from RawEpicurean has some great posts/recipes for some common herbs that we use for our hair. Click on the names of these herbs to read her informative posts (and recipes) for hisbiscus, nettle and aloe.

Do you use herbs and if so, which ones and how have they worked for you?....


  1. I haven't used herbs on my hair, but I love to drink tea. Based on your list I need to start drinking rosemary.lol

    I drink green, white (ayurvedic chai), oolong (six summit), sage & more. I enjoy Teavana blends of tea.

  2. Herbs really rocks! Burdock root is the one I need right now! Thank's for the tips:)

  3. I do herbal hair teas all of the time. Love them. The hibiscus helps keep my plum brown color in tact. But I recently read that burdock root should not be refrigerated and shouldn't be mixed with certain other herbs because it will break down and do something funky - can't remember exactly what, but I'm leaving the burdock root out unless I am pouring it in my hair right then. Normally, I make a batch and store it in the fridge for a week.

  4. @Makeup Theory - Thanks for the info. I'll look into that and see what I can find.


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