Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Hola Beautifuls!

I hope that you had a wonderful and fun-filled labor day weekend! Hate to see it leave so soon but 'tis life. It's back to the grind now, so I'm hopping back into it.

I recently received an email regarding natural hair and dryness. I wanted to share it and my answer with everyone in hopes that all of you naturals will chime in with your wonderful advice for reviving dry, brittle hair. It goes as follows:

From Treena:
Hi, just wanted to drop you a line or two. love you hair journey photo. I just started letting my hair grow, I've wore my hair short for many years now, then I started locs and now I twisted out of those and my hair is brittle and dry I see a little breakage. your hair look so healthy and it grew so nice what products do you use on it?

My answer:
Hi Treena!
Hope your day/week is going well. Thanks for the hair compliment.

You mentioned that your hair is dry & brittle. Have you done any deep treatments/conditioning? I would try doing those on a weekly basis. I usually deep condish w/Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose condish mixed w/Jessicurl's Weekly Deep Conditioning Treatment. **before I go any further let me advise you that I am a product junkie. I've gotten better but for the most part I still am and do enjoy it. Lol.** Some others that I like and on occasion use are Curl Junkie's Hisbiscus & Banana Deep Fix and Hairveda's StirNillah Deep Conditioning Masque.

You also may want to try incorporating oil rinses and/or overnight oil treatments to your hair. You can do these w/any oil like evoo, grapeseed oil, Vatika oil, Castor oil, a mix of oils or whatever you prefer.

Also, after washing or wetting your hair be sure to put a leave-in condish on while its still damp. I like Mop Leave-In and Oyin's Honey Hemp condish the best. You also may want to try butters. Qhemet Biologics Burdock Root Buttercreme is good. I'm also feelin' Curl Junkie's Hisbiscus & Banana Honey Butta Leave-In.
Unrefined shea butter is also good but I find it works best on my hair when its dry.

I hope this helps. I'll post your question on my blog on next Tuesday to see if anyone else has some good pointers to offer.

Alright people. Please offer your advice/solutions on this matter. I'm sure quite a few of us have had this issue at one time or another so I'm sure there's plenty of helpful information out there for her. Just post it in the comments. ;)



  1. I like Darcy's Botanicals Madagascar Vanilla Styling Creme and Taliah Waajid Black Earth Products Protective Mist Bodifier. They are both great products.

  2. For dry hair I learned that my hair must stay in twists to soak up whatever products I put in it, and then as the weeks go by simply refresh my hair with a lighter hair milk or cream.

    Try adding some oil to your shampoo (if you use shampoo) castor oil or olive oil is great. Then find a great leave in Oyins honey hemp is light, then try moisturizing the hair with a light cream/hairdress/milk, and seal/twist with an oil product or oil itself.

  3. I was having this same problem, my hair suddenly turned very dry and brittle. I figured out that the cheap coconut oil I was using in my DC along with the new conditioner I was using to cowash were the cause...but finding the cure wasn't so easy. I DCed with some basic ingredients (shea butter, jojoba oil, olive oil, and honey mixed together) and this helped the dryness, but my hair was still brittle and dried out and became hard again shortly after. Finally I decided to try something different, so I mixed 1c plain yogurt with an egg, 1tsp honey, 4tbs of oil (I used a mix of EVOO, jojoba, and cocoveda hair oil, but just EVOO is fine) and about 2tbs of shikakai (not needed, but adds shine to hair). I left it on my hair and wrapped for about an hour. Afterwards my hair was soft and strong again! It also tamed some of the frizz and defined my curl pattern. Sometimes hair (especially if like mine its very fine) needs protein!


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