Monday, August 24, 2009


Hola Beautiful Ones!

I'm so excited about this post! Calla Lily from BreaKink New Ground wanted to share her method that she uses to preserve her twist-out styles. Her easy-to-do method caught my attention. Also, that fly frohawk. ;)
So check her out.

The first photo is of her setting her twists which she does by the flat-twist method. I think I may revisit this way.

The Calla Lily Nighttime Routine:

I wanted to share my night time routine with all of your readers. I am so excited about a discovery I made in preserving my twistouts for more than a day! Since going natural, wearing twistouts have been my usual style but I would have to retwist my hair nightly (10 flat twist going straight back). I can get 3 or 4 days on my twistouts with this routine. Here’s what I do:

I gently rub a dime size amount of moisturizer throughout my hair (used SheaMoisture this time). I use large bobby pins to loosely pin up the sides of my hair (like a frohawk). Then, I put on my bonnet cap.

In the morning I take off the bonnet cap and remove the bobby pins. Then, I lightly spritz my hair (used Jane Carter Leave-In Conditioner this time) and fluff with my fingers.

Currently, my hair is 6 inches long. For someone (with shorter or longer hair) who may not find success with this, I would suggest doing a few flat twist on the left and right sides and leave the middle loose. This has seriously cut my hair maintenance down. Hope your readers will find this helpful!

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CallaLily (my blog is at

I'm so diggin' the frohawk. Her blog brings great information including recipes for your hair, so definitely check her out.


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