Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Hi Beautifuls!

I know it may be late in the summer, but people do tend to wear braids and protective stylings year-round. I've tried braids before, during my short stint (2 months) of transitioning to all natural hair. Unfortunately, after removing the braid hair (kanekalon), my hair was about as dry as a Mohave desert. So I tend to stay away from braids. My daughter continues to get them for the vacationing season.

This summer I was determined to keep her hair moisturized. I had no idea how I was going to do so until I rediscovered the site growafrohairlong.com. This is another great site to check out for healthy hair information. Their suggestions for keeping your hair moist under the braid hair is to sponge the braid with a mixture of Infusion 23 Leave-In condish and African Royal braid spray. (Notice, I left the price tags on so you could see it was an inexpensive buy.) I thought, "What the heck?" and purchased the two from a local beauty supply store. For the most part, I treated her braids with the mixture everyday if not, every other day.

The big test was when we took her braids down on last week. OMG!!! My daughter's hair was so soft and moist. No breakage. No dryness. No limpness. Honestly, I was prepared to do an overnight oil treatment followed by a good wash in the morning, followed by a deep conditioning treatment. Please believe...all that was not necessary. Her hair was in wonderful condition so we were able to skip the oil treatment.

Success!!..Thanks to growafrohairlong.com's Braid Regimen. We didn't follow their suggestions to the letter but we did tweek it to work for us which is probably the best thing you can do when looking for regimens that will work for your hair, skin and body.

What suggestions/successes do you have keeping hair moist in protective styles?....


  1. Hi ChocolateOrchid: I just did twists this past weekend (check out my post with pics) and was planning on using these 2 products during the time I have them in. I love the info from that site but I, as well, don't intent to follow the instructions to the letter. This will be my first time trying it this way. I'll keep you posted.

  2. When I used to wear my twists for weeks at a time I'd use Carol's Daughter Tui Spray. Not sure it really did anything for my hair...But years ago dark & lovely had a VERY nice spray for twists ...I can't remember the name, but sadly they discontinued the product;-(. When all else failed, I used a spray bottle with water followed by a light hair balm.

    BTW, I tagged you in a post!
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  3. Hi Callalily! I can't wait to hear/see your results!

    Hey Chai! I will get on it! I feel so behind.


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