Thursday, August 20, 2009


Hola Chicas y Chicos!

On last week, I decided to eat a simple high-raw diet for as long as I felt to do it. No pressure. No definitive outline. Just a "go with the flow" kind of thing. Well, I shouldn't say "randomly decided". It was more like I was feeling crappy because I had been eating alot more processed heavy foods than normal. (I have pretty much gotten that intake down to almost non-existent.) And drinking more coffee than norm (Yes, I still drink coffee from time to time.) and a few more drinks. Which all combined to make me feel pretty yuckky.

So I chose to listen to my body and eat light, simple, organic raw vegan food. About 95 to 98% of my daily intake was raw vegan. I didn't go out and buy a bunch of stuff, I just ate from what I had. My daily intake consisted of smoothies, fruit, salads, veggies and one meal of granola based cereal. I must say, I felt great! I had no cravings. No thoughts on what I couldn't eat but rather on foods that would be good to my body that I had a taste for. It really was a freeing feeling of sorts. Focusing on feeding my body the right fuel so that it could function properly really works!

You may think that it was just a fluke but it wasn't. Over the weekend, I ate heavy and definitely felt the difference. So I've decided to go back to high raw eating. Again, without any detailed menus or time frame specifics. But just go with the flow and tune into my body and what it may crave or want.

Oh, almost forgot to mention that during my 3 days I continued to work out with no problems. If anything, I was more focused. The one thing that I plan on doing is adding more fat (nuts, avocado). Near the end of my three day run I did feel a gravitation towards some type of fat.

What are you doing good for your body, yourself?......


  1. WOW ! what a inspiration. You really inspired me to eat healthy. I try to do my best now, but I could do better. Take care

  2. Thanks zainab1! I'm happy to hear that I have inspired someone. =)

  3. I've been keeping a close eye on portions. I've reduced my portion sizes by half when I eat, and "snack" on organic strawberry-banana applesauce if I get hungry between meals. I've been cooking almost every day; last night I made tofu chicken (well Boca, lol) green bean casserole, and mashed sweet and regular potatoes. I am drinking water only except for breakfast (at that time I drink 100% juice) and the rare soda if I go out or need the caffeine. I started this regimen solidly this week and I've already lost 2 pounds (this is without working out). I feel really good.

  4. Focusing on feeding my body the right fuel so that it could function properly really works!

    That's really the key, right there. If we could all learn to listen to our bodies, we wouldn't reach for the junk. Our bodies crave fresh living foods, not chemical additives.

    An unsolicited suggestion: as far as healthy fats, I'd gravitate toward avocados and unrefined coconut butter, and go easy on the nuts if you'd like to keep your energy levels high.

  5. HI earthmother,

    Thanks for the advice! I appreciate it all.

  6. That's great! Our bodies will never lead us wrong. You make it seem so easy and it is if we simply go with the flow and keep things simple. I am inspired more than ever after reading your post.

  7. I have to admit I've been eating really good at breakfast and I've been in the gym twice a day so i'm happy If only I could get lunch and dinner on board. But as always you inspire me to push a little harder. I really admire your commitment!

  8. Hey!!!!!!!!!!! My bf and I have tried this and would you believe I got really sick??

    What Ihave discovered is I have trouble digesting certain foods, even though they are healthy!! Collard greens, for example, give me horrible cramps, nausea, and fever if I eat them too often. I never knew this because prior to my quest to eat healthy, I never ate them this often!!

    Also, I have discovered allergies to certain foods that I never knew Ihad before, because I hadn't consumed them as often.

    It's definitely not easy, but I am committed to trying to eat healthier. My bf HAS TO because he has high blood pressure. We found this odd, because he is a healthy eater.

  9. Wonderful blog I just discovered here! can't wait to explore:)

  10. I always wondered how everyone did this. Sounds like fun. Hopefully I'm able to try that soon.

  11. Thanks to all of you fabulous folk! You all help to encourage me.

    @Luvbenet- Sorry you have issues with those foods. Glad to hear that you are sticking with eating healthier. Go girl!! Does your bf have a family history of high blood pressure? I find that odd, too. Maybe other factors are involved????

    @Hippiemom - Thanks for checking my blog out. I'll be coming by yours for a visit.

    @trecia - You have a cool blog. You do web design. We may need to talk.


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