Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Hi Beautifuls,

A few weeks ago, I attempted to make my first batch of shealoe (mix of 1 pt shea butter, 1 pt aloe gel & some oil of choice). Being a self-proclaimed PJ (product junkie), I find it interesting that I'm suddenly wanting to try my hand at making my own stuff like ayurvedic hair oils, hair tea rinses and such. I believe wonderful ladies like Fleurzty at Texture Playground and Callalily at BreaKINK New Ground are rubbing off on me. Lol.

Anyhoo, I used an entire 8oz tub of African Shea Butter (you can typically find locally at Beauty Supply places and health food stores) and an almost equal amount of Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera gel (another item you find locally). I added a little vitamin E oil. Dumped it into my mixer and mixed until it was a nice texture.

**photo of the finished product**

I've been using it on my twists and on my body. I leaves my skin with such a wonderful glow which is always a good thing.

Next time, I plan on melting the shea butter a la "double boiler" method. I think it will come out much better. I also will try different essential oils. Hmmm.. I think I just got my Christmas gift ideas. =)


  1. Thanks for the shout out!

    BTW, I think I'm taking the twists/braids out this weekend. Next time will turn out better :-(

  2. I've done my own oil mixture, but haven't experienced with melting shea butter at all. I will one day.

    Have you tried raw mango butter? It feels like butter going on your skin. Usually, I switch between mango and shea butter. They both are wonderful on the skin. However, I prefer the shea over mango on my hair.

  3. My pleasure, CallaLily!

    Hi Lechelle,

    I definitely want to try some other butters. I've lost of great things about Texas Natural Supply.


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