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Hi Lovelies!

A few weeks ago, a fellow natural emailed me with some questions regarding what I use for my twist-outs. I decided to share this conversation in hopes that it may be of some help to someone. Also, to add any information that I left out in my haste to answer her questions.

Hello, I’m a newbie and wanted to ask what products you use, hair type, and method of your twist out displayed. I attempted my first twist this week and my hair frizzed in many spots by the end of the day and somewhat lost it’s definition. Maybe I’m not twisting tight enough? Your hair and many of the videos I’m previewing are displaying tighter twist outs. I’m definitely attempting hair growth and healthy hair, so I’m trying to start with the best products. I do know I’m going to have to try things to see what works best on my hair. Here’s to experimenting. Hopefully, through the help of natural hair friends.

My Answer:
Hi Natural Newbie!

Congrats on going natural! I know that it can be somewhat overwhelming but you're right to check out all the videos, hair blogs, fotki's and such that you can. I'm glad to here that you do know that it comes down to trying different things to see what works for your hair. Having said that, my first advice to give you is to be patient. I'll be "all natural" for 2 yrs later on this month and I don't mind telling you that I still get frustrated some times and that I'm still trying different things.
As far as products I use, I mainly stick w/all natural products. But let me tell you, sometimes all natural may not work for you and that's okay. You have to do what works best for your hair. As far as hair type, I don't put too much stock into it mainly because its confusing to me. Confusing b/c there are so many variances within the "hair type" idea and so many different takes on it. It may help to guide you w/the type of products you get but I wouldn't get too caught up in it. What works for someone in your hair type range may not work for you and vice versa. But if I take a stab at it, I would say that my hair is 4a/4bish. I guess...


Wash: Devacurl No-poo or a clarifying shampoo or similiar (if I've used a non-soluble product on hair like Miss Jessie's stuff)
Conditioner Wash: Herbal Essences Totally Twisted or Herbal Essences Hello Hydration
Deep Condition: Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose mixed w/Jessicurl WDT or Curl Junkie's Hisbiscus Banana Deep Fix
I sit under a heat cap for at least 30 minutes and somewhat to mostly rinse it out.
Leave-In Condish: Mop Top Leave In or Oyin's Handmade Honey Hemp Condish or Giovanni Direct Leave-In
Styler: I twist with Miss Jessie's Curly Meringue. No, it's not all-natural but I've found that this product gives me the best hold without any frizzies which makes me really happy.
Sealer: oil of preference (coconut, almond, jojoba or a mix)

Once I put the leave-in condish on my hair, I wrap it up (my hair that is) in a Curlease towel (you could use a t-shirt or a microfiber towel) for about 15 minutes or until most of the drip is gone. I do like to twist damp hair. Then I section my hair in to halves w/a part going down the middle. I start from the front to make both sides of my head as uniform as possible. I apply some MJ Meringue to each section and twist almost all the way to the bottom. I twirl the ends with my finger and move on to the next sections until done. I seal my ends w/an oil.

During the process, I put sections of twists in butterfly clamps( I guess their called that) to keep the hair stretched out until it is mostly dry. I may oil my scalp w/Carol's Daughter Hair Elixer. Then I cover it w/a scarf and go to bed.

Sometimes I'll leave the twists in for a day or two, depending on whether I'm working out or going out. Lol.

Once I take them down, I retwist nightly by lightly spritzing my hair w/lavender distilled water or just plain distilled water. Then retwisting them w/shealoe. Cover my hair w/a scarf and go to bed.

Newly Natural, I will tell you that the older the twist-out, the better it looks. At least for me.

Oh, I don't twist tight but taunt enough, if that makes sense. Not to the point where I'm pulling on my scalp but tight enough that it's a good strong twist.

Newly Natural, I will tell you that the older the twist-out, the better it looks. At least for me.

Hope this has helped you in some way.
Keep in touch,

Here are some pics of me in the process of a twist-out hairstyle:

The twist-out set

The twist-out a la toothy grin and all. Lol.

If you have any suggestions or tips, please leave them in the comments. You never know who you may be helping. Could even be me.

Thanks a bunch and enjoy the day!


  1. great advice! your pics remind me of my weekly routine...lol, from the clips at the roots, to the beautiful twist out in the end;-)


  3. Your hair looks great! And agree, as my styles get old I think they tend to start looking better too!


  4. Your twist out is pretty. I noticed you use an Oyin product in your mix. Do you like their line as a whole? I've been wanting to try some of it, but honestly my hair is doing just fine with my regimen of simple raw honey, yogurt and natural shea butter.

    But when I travel, I can't always lug raw honey and whole yogurt around with me. I will need to find some truly natural commercial products that work for me. I'd love to hear your take on Oyin. Did you already cover this question and I missed it? If so, sorry. Just point me to that post.

  5. You gave some good advise. I LOVE your hair!

  6. @Everyone - Thanks Ladies! I really appreciate your compliments, comments and thoughts on this post.

    @Makeup Theory - Hi Lady! I love the fact that Oyin products are all natural but I don't use them all. I tend to stick w/the Honey Hemp condish. I'm in love with what it does for my hair and how it makes my hair feel. I tried their sample pak when I first went all natural about 2 yrs ago. I really didn't know what I was doing which probably contributed to me not being initially enamored with their products. But I do love that Honey Hemp condish. Uh..did I say that already? Anyhoo, I would like to give their Shine and Define another go someday. I do know that alot of people love their line of products.

    I admire the fact that your product regimen is so simple. Maybe one day I'll get there but for now (and for the most part) I'm still a product junkie. Lol.

    Oh, but to answer your question. I think Oyin is a great natural line of products to use and travel with. And maybe I will do a post soley on them one day. I could talk all day about that Honey Hemp. Oops, did it again.


  7. Gorgeous! I have yet to master the twist out but will keep trying.

  8. Great advice - I really don't have anymore to add. I agree that the older the style the better - I like how it starts to look fuller and spaces disappear :o)

    You have sooo much hair - can't believe you re-twist at night. I am too lazy for that - lol. I do occasionally re-twist a few here and there that start to look more frizzy than the rest - maybe about two to three twists and sometimes I actually keep some of the twists in which blend in with the loose hair, mainly the last row in the back because it tends to frizz up the quickest due to the shower.

  9. In my long story I forgot to add that I usually twist without using a twisting product - I do my twists on freshly washed, conditoned and moisturized (she butter) hair, and I also add a little oil or shea butter on the ends of the twists.

  10. Thanks for your input, Laquita!!

    Thanks again, Ladies!!


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