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Hi Beautifuls!

On yesterday, I featured part 1 of an interview with Chicoro, regarding raw foods. As I mentioned yesterday, many of us in the natural hair community are very familiar with Chicoro and her healthy, long hair but after really visiting her fotki, I was surprised (and excited) to see that she was into healthy eating via raw foods. Every interview I read of her was about hair. So I thought, "Wow! Does anyone notice that she's into raw/living foods?". This is the aspect of Chicoro that I wish to focus on in hopes of encouraging the thought to eat healthy and take care of ones self.

And so, here it is. The completion of "A Different Interview with Chicoro".

6) I can't talk about eating raw foods without talking about the detox that comes with it. I believe in being informed & informing. Did you have a period of detox? If so, how did you manage it?

Yes. My taste buds changed. Sometimes I found that I was sick of eating raw food and it was not satisfying. Some days I would be so hungry and would prepare a raw meal and it would taste so nasty, that I would just throw the whole thing out. I would be hungry, mad, and out of my money and my time.

At the same time, cooked food would taste greasy and fake. I guess my taste buds were transitioning! I also would sometimes have an increased number of bowel movements per day. In the morning, I would wake up with lots of waste in my eyes, lots of sleep in my eyes. My eyes sometimes would be sticky and my upper lid would be stuck to some parts of my lower lid when I would wake up.

Another interesting thing about "detox" is the detox of people in your life. I truly believe that when you venture into raw foods, you really need to be ready for your relationships around you to change. When you go raw, people leave your life and others come into it. I do not believe that there is anything mystical or magical going on and I hope no one equates them to what I am saying about raw food. It's like when you decide to stop going clubbing. The people who you used to go clubbing with fall out of your life. If you stop drinking, the people you used to go drinking with, fall out of your life. Raw food is no different.

But again, I would relate it to hair. When many of us go from relaxed to natural hair, sometimes our friends and even our significant others just don't get it. Some people vacate your life and others make an adjustment so that they can stay with you.

I think that when you go raw, it detoxes your relationships as well. You may discover things about yourself and the person with whom you live that you never ever knew before, no matter how long you have known or lived with him or her, or yourself!

7) I love your blog. Its so inspiring and truly feeds the spirit. Many raw foodists speak of gaining mental clarity and spiritual awareness from this lifestyle. Was your blog birthed from this place?

Thank you for the wonderful compliment regarding my blog. The blog was birthed from raw foods, but indirectly. My book series that I am working on was birthed from raw food. The blog was birthed from my book series.

Like with hair, everyone's expericence can be very different. But for me, yes, I was able to see more clearly. I think that when we ingest processed and food laden with chemicals, our bodies have their total focus on picking out the bad stuff from the good. Our bodies are busy. When we have only raw foods and natural foods inside of us, that frees up our bodies to be able to do more.

The body is not working so hard to get the junk out and separate the good stuff from the bad stuff. I think that is part of the clarity. I would liken it to us minding several children or having less of a course load at school or less of a work load at our jobs. Once you get a handle on things, you can focus on more than what is in front of you. You can start looking at the bigger picture, think and muse on other things because you are not so burdened down with having to keep up with all the children, all the classes and all the work. You can take a 'breather'. I think with raw food, this is what the body can do. It can finally take a 'breather'. Then, you have energy left over to focus on other things, hence, the clarity comes into play.

8) Finally, with statistics showing that a high percentage of blacks suffer from obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc., in your opinion, tell us what you feel could be the reasons why alot of blacks don't do "healthy eating".

Healthy eating can be expensive if you are trying to eat one way and everyone else is eating a standard diet in one household. You literally are doubling the family food bill. It is far cheaper and easier to get a hamburger from the fast food dollar menu and a lot cheaper, than to buy three (3) organic apples for $2.50 per pound.

For the average person, that hamburger represents a filling inexpensive meal. Those apples are just an expensive snack that will leave you hungry, if not dissatisfied.

Amidst all of this, I feel that black people are focused on surviving. Even when we are stable financially, we may still be or feel as though we are under siege. That might look like doing a good job at your place of work but still having your skills and ability questioned. That might look like going to the store and experiencing women reach for their purses when you approach their basket, because they think
you are trying to steal their purse. And the ONLY reason you are even going near their purse is because it and their basket are in YOUR way and in the way of you accessing that food item you plan to purchase.

What I think black people need to understand is that we will either pay up front or we will pay in the end.

Either, you will spend the extra time it takes to ensure that you and your family have healthy meals and spend the extra cash on the food, or you can continue with eating only what tastes good to you and what is easy and cheap. People believe that they cannot spare the money for raw foods. But, can you spare money for health bills that may inevitably come in the long run, in the not so distant future?

What tastes good is not necessarily what is good for you. Like most things, whether it be bad hair care habits or bad eating habits, making a change takes effort and things may not look or feel good, at first. Just like you have to train your eyes to 'see' and appreciate and love your transitioning and natural hair, you need to do the same things with your tastebuds and raw food.

One cannot compare the taste of raw foods to that of cooked processed foods. You must embrace raw food for what it is just as you do with your natural hair.

Most of us know it is absurd for us to expect that our natural hair will look and feel like our processed relaxed hair. Yet, why do we expect for raw foods to taste and smell like processed food?

If you choose to pay on the back end and continue to eat only what tastes good- assuming it is the standard American diet type foods, things like obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure tend to hit home sooner, at younger ages for us and harder, where blindess, amputation and death due to these illnesses visits us more.

There are no guarantees in life. With all things, your are accountable for your choices. In this life, you are on your own. I say give raw food a try and see how you feel. The fastest and quickest way to get results is to eat completely raw food for 7 -30 days. Try it for a weekend, from Friday to Sunday, or whenever you don't have to work or when you don't have outside, external obligations pulling on you.

Is it easy to do? Not necessarily. As with hair, you have to dive in and determine what best fits for you and your life. That takes trial and error and a leap of faith. Step out on faith. If you have health issues, consult your doctor before you embark on the raw food journey. Get some books and study, prepare and then go for it.

Chicoro, I really appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts. Is there anything more that you want to share? Future plans? Words of wisdom? Whatever comes to mind.

The food you eat and the care that you give your body are very important. They can impact the quality of your life. I believe so much in this that I am writing a book called, "Nurture It" on food and self care. It will be published and available on in December 2009. It is the second book of the seven (7) book series I am writing.

Words of wisdom? Hmmm? I don't know. But I do know that you can be more beautiful tomorrow than you are today if you focus on yourself. It is not about being more beautiful than someone else. It is about elevating your beauty, your own beauty, to the highest levels. You control that and you are accountable. It is do-able, so just do it!

And there it is. We actually spoke for awhile over the phone regarding this and I can tell you Chicoro is truly passionate about this subject. After speaking with her, I do believe that a change in our way of seeing ourselves, our health, the world and how we operate in it is coming. I am so glad that I gave into that nugding that I had to contact her for this interview. I've come to the conclusion that if I operate by.. tune into..listen to my gut, my spirit then I'll more clearly see my path & my purpose.

Thanks again to Chicoro for her graciousness and taking the time to answer my questions. I'm really excited about her forthcoming book series. Hope that this has encouraged, enlightened and/or blessed you in some way.

Much Love,

**Chicoro is the author of the book "Grow It: How To Grow Afro-Textured Hair To Maximum Lengths In The Shortest Time".

You can purchase her book at the following link:
You can also check out her site at Beautify Bit By Bit
and her blog here.
She's also on youtube here.


  1. Thanks for doing this interview with Chicoro. I always love reading what she has to say. I now have a better understanding of why people choose raw foods. It always sounded like something unattainable for me. But now I will at least try to incorporate more into my diet. I dont know if I can or will go completely raw, but I will make a conscious decision to make better food choices.

  2. Wonderful interview - it is really inspiring :o) I like what she said about 'elevating your own beauty' - very insightful - there are so many trying to mimic other people instead of doing that.

    ...And you talk about me...I can see myself sitting on your couch in front of a live audience being interviewed ;o)

  3. Chicoro has a wonderful way with words! Thank you for doing this interview and giving me more research for going raw.

  4. So happy everyone got great things from this interview!

    Peace and blessings!

  5. Very Very good job! Great information


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