Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Remember my post about Chia seeds?... Well, I have been having a wonderful time with my chia seeds. It is so simple to incorporate this wonderful food into your diet. I just "activated" them in water for 30 minutes before adding them to my smoothie recipes. The above picture attempts to show their consistency once water has been added. The mixture becomes like a gel.

Here are a couple of smoothies that I made w/them.

Cacao-Banana Smoothie w/Chia Seeds

1 C almond milk
1 large frozen banana
2 T cacao nibs (ground up)
2 T chia seeds (activated in water)
Can sweeten w/lucuma or other sweetener of choice (agave nectar, stevia, honey) if necessary.

Place 2 T chia seeds in 2 to 3 T of water. Let sit for 30 minutes. Grind up cacao nibs and add to blender. Add all other ingredients to blender. Blend until desired consistency.
Enjoy. =)

Chia Mixed Berry Smoothie
2 T chia seeds (soak in water for 30 minutes)
1 C of frozen mixed berries
Handful of baby spinach
1 C of distilled water
Agave nectar or other natural sweetener if needed

Place all ingredients in blender. Blend until desired consistency.

Both of these smoothies were really delicious! I ended up adding more spinach to my Chia Mixed Berry Smoothie. It was sweet enough without the added agave nectar but if you've never had a smoothie w/greens in them you may want to add a natural sweetener to it. This also goes for my Cacao-Banana Smoothie. I really don't think I needed the lucuma in it because of the sweetness of the banana. (Btw, I freeze my bananas after they've ripened.) But I do believe the lucuma powder added a sweet nuttiness to the flavor fo the smoothie.

Also, chia seeds don't have a taste. At least that I can tell. It seems to take on the taste of whatever you put it with. If you live in the metro Atlanta area, you may want to go by an Arden's Garden and try their Orange Chia juice. (Btw, you can also find some of the Arden's Garden juices in Whole Foods.) It's really delicious! I suppose I would liken the experience to drinking a bubble tea.

Happy Healthy Eating,


  1. Thank you for the recipes. I love Chia! Now, I just need to locate the Chia seeds.

    I never thought to put spinach in my smoothie and can't wait.

  2. A great source for chia seeds is FitFlax. It's a delicious blend of golden roasted flax seed and chia seeds. A super healthy breakfast is greek yogurt with berries and FitFlax. For flax seed weight loss and chia seeds weight loss check out FitFlax.

  3. Ohhh, the berry smoothie with spinach! what a great idea!

    I just brought a bag of farmers market fresh organic baby spinach today and was wondering what I was going to do with it all : )


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