Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Hi Beautifuls!

Hope that you all are doing well. I think that I have pretty much recovered from my participation in the Peachtree Road Race. I didn't realize how hard running/jogging/walking on concrete can be on your body. But I did finish. So I'm very happy about that.

Wanted to share some great information that Anita Grant posted on twitter.

Before swimming, to slow down chlorine absorption get some Club Soda & rinse your hair before & after your swim - regardless of your hair type.
Why? Chlorine in pools forms a copper-rich bleach. Club soda neutralizes this bleach, washes it out of your hair before it goes greenish & brittle.
Avoid products that have metallic salts this mixed w/the Chlorine may disturb natural oil (sebum) production of the scalp & may lead to instant dryness, itchy scalp & coarse split ends.

I definitely would like to give the Club Soda a try. Sounds interesting. I honestly have not done an ACV rinse in ages. Why?.. I have no idea. Just hadn't. But I will say that I am open to it revisiting it. If you do the ACV rinse or even Club Soda rinse, please share how and how often you do so.

Right now, I'm feelin' the fro so I may attempt to let my current twist-out develope into one. I keep seeing posts on it on different hair sites and blogs. Urbancurlz recently posted a youtube video (vlogger Shira) on her blog and said she had great success with her rendition of it. Check her post out here.

I'll be going on a Girls Nite Out soon, so I'm strongly considering wearing my hair in a fly azz fro that nite. Here are some pics I found that are helping to feed my fro envy.

**last photo of Zoila taken by Jackie Weisberg from Flickr**
The mousepad is by mykajenlina and can be found at Zazzle.com.

Have a great day, Beautifuls! And don't forget to "do you".
ChocolateOrchid ;)


  1. Congrats on finishing the race :o) The club soda rinse sounds interesting. I love the picture on the mouse pad and those fro pictures are wonderful - can't wait to be done with this protective style challenge - less than one month to go :o)

  2. Well alright! Photos! I require photos of your Afro induce Extascy! 8-)

  3. Hey CO, congrats on that race, girl!

    Love the pics, beautiful fros. I was doing an ACV rinse about once a month before I started all this swimming. I haven't done one in awhile.

  4. Hi Laquita! Thanks! That club soda rinse does sound interesting. May give it a try. And yes, I'm strongly thinking about getting that fly mousepad.

    Hi Mista Jaycee! I'll definitely post some photos.

    Hey Kcurly! Thanks! I was sore for days after that doggone race. I'll be better prepared for next years.


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