Friday, June 5, 2009


Cocktail ring, that is. =)

Happy Friday, Beautifuls!

I hope that all in your world is well. My week has been pretty busy. Mainly at work b/c of handling month end less one person. Whew!! We’re already at bare-bones w/our workforce so someone taking an extended vacation puts a bit more wear-n-tear on the rest of the department. Left me drained by the end of the day. Not that I’m complaining. It just is. Simply an observation.

Question: My 13 year old daughter would like to start a blog. She’d love to be on Facebook or Myspace. Til now, I have strictly forbidden b/c of my concerns with internet predators. Her aunts think it’s a great idea, as long as I’m supervising. I think I will allow it. I do enjoy her writing.

Just curious: What are your thoughts on age and the internet?...

Marilee's Fox Cocktail Ring! So cute!

Have a wonderful weekend, Lovelies!

Ooh, check it out! I'm the Who's Who? feature on Texture Playground. If you haven't checked out this hair blog then you've gotta go by there. Fleurtzy brings a wealth of information to the blogosphere regarding natural hair care. She is one of the wonderful bloggers who has helped me with my own hair regimen. I remember seeing her comment on the Curltalk 4a forum on Shortly thereafter, she burst onto the scene with her own hair blog. Great site to blogroll!

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