Monday, June 15, 2009

Good Samaritan Surprises Struggling Family

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On Monday's here, I like to start the week off on a good/positive vibe. Why?... With all the "doom-n-gloom" news coming forth from big media outlets, it was becoming burdensome for me whenever I turned on the tv or radio. It really was beginning to effect my overall mood and outlook. Out of that ongoing crappy feeling, "Good News Monday" was born. I thought, "Surely I'm not the only one who needs to be fed some good stuff". So on Mondays, I make it a point to share some good news, positive poem, sayings or quotes. If you have any good news to share, please do. You can leave it in the comments or email me and I'll feature it here on ChocolateOrchid on a following Monday.

Having said all that, here goes:
A Canadian family suffering through economic strife received a welcome hand from an anonymous source.
Monica Weiss of Alberta had just left a bank after paying bills when she was approached by a mysterious stranger and handed $1,300, according to a report in The Calgary Sun.
While in the bank, she had told the teller of her family's money struggles after an injury to her husband left him unable to continue working.
"I said there's a chance (my husband) may not ever return to work because he developed a rare condition with his injury," Weiss told the Calgary Sun, adding she also told the bank employee they'd been living in a camper.
"All of a sudden this gentleman walks up to the van and I don't know how far I got the window down, he stuck his hand in," Weiss said.
"He put this huge wad of cash into my hand. All I heard was 'I'm a lucky man and I heard your story and here, take this.' "
The good samaritan told her not to ask his name after giving her the money. She said the man probably overheard story although she didn't notice him in the bank

**This story comes from Good News Now.

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