Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Hi Gorgeous!

Wow! Let me go ahead and tell you I do have summer-fever. This condition is similar to spring fever so posting will probably get a little thin here and there during these months. Momma’s gotta get out, participate in and enjoy this summertime in hotlanta!

Funny thing…. I had intended to post about this a few weeks ago. In particular, a friend of mine was struggling w/handling her two textures. You see, she was going "au natural" but wasn’t ready to do a BC (Big Chop). So she had like a million questions for me about the process. But here’s the thing. I didn’t feel that I could speak on it much because as you can see….

I bc’d or did a “big chop” meaning cutting all the relaxer or chemicals off of your hair . Usually leaving a wonderful small fro behind or an extensively shorter amount of hair behind.

Needless to say, my friend got frustrated with the two opposing textures and went ahead w/the BC. Go Nita the Diva!!!

Anyhoo, for those who are still in the process here are some great links to get some very helpful information on transitioning. If anyone else knows of any others or has great info on it please leave it in the comment. ChocolateOrchid is all about us helping each other out.


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Just a few articles/posts on transitioning to get you on a good path. There is so much information on the web. I encourage anyone curious or needing help to simply reach out. Believe me there are plenty of diva’s who’ve been through the process or are still in it and would be more than happy to help, share their experience or give much needed encouragement.

Peace and blessings, Beautifuls!


  1. You have no idea how this is helping me. I am also going chem-free! I'm not brave enough for the BC, so I've been pony-tailing with a nice little natural-looking curly piece on top. As the days slowly progress, I become more and more excited about the process! Patience is definitely key, as I'm quickly learning. Thanks C Orchid for all the tidbits! Ms. M

  2. Hey Ms.M

    Glad this is of some help to ya!

  3. Thanks for the blog shout out!

    I hope all is well within your soul!

    ~Kinky Rhonnie


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