Thursday, June 25, 2009


Hi Gorgeous!

I hope that all is well in your world. =) Mine is good but I must admit that this past Tuesday was an eventful day for me. At least near the end of the work day. I found out that me, along w/some other people, were being laid off. (It’s funny but what I mostly was thinking was how I would be able to really clean my home the way I wanted to. Seriously.)

Beyond the initial shock (and given our economic climate, I used the term shock very loosely) I realized that this is simply a change in my life. I’m not judging it or labeling it beyond that. I see it as God’s way of saying, “You know what. I’m kicking the crutch out from under you b/c you can walk. So walk, woman.”

Honestly, beyond the emotion (I was there for 14 yrs so bonds were made) I see this as an opportunity. An opportunity for any and all possibilities. My focus (after dusting off my resume) is to stay open and in tune to God, the universe and myself so that I can be on the right path.

Curious to see how things turn out…..simply stay tuned. ;)


P.S. And yes, I am cleaning my home the I've been wanting to. Lol.


  1. that's great that you have a positive outlook on the situation. that means whatever comes your way will be handled with ease...

  2. I am proud of your initial response. I often wondered why the accelerated pace of the "raw" lifestyle and other changes that have been taking place with you (all positive I might add). It seems paths are carved for purposes unbeknownst. Your intuitive and purposeful research has educated so many of us. All aboard...Next Stop...!!!

  3. Sorry to hear the news but I believe your inner talents will now shine through even brighter!

  4. This is such an inspiring response. This boosted my day, seriously! I would love to hear what you may be interested in doing, dreams, goals, etc.

  5. Oh gosh, I'm sorry to hear that, but very impressed and inspired by your response. I know things are going to work out.

  6. Good luck, C. I know your positive outlook and ability to make lemonade from this will carry you further than you would had you freaked out (like I would have...LOL).

    Best wishes and I'm rooting for you!!!


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