Friday, May 22, 2009

You Get A Cocktail! You Get A Flower! It's Friday, Baby!!

Good Morning Beautiful Ones!

I'm so glad it's Friday! It's the weekend! I'm just happy. This week started off being a bit of a challenge. My brother had to be hospitalized and found out he was diabetic. (Thanks to all those who were aware who prayers & thoughts went out to him/us.) He's still there but we're hoping for his release on today. Are we down about it? Not at all! I'm happy! Happy that my brother is still here. Happy to be alive. Happy to have genuine friends and loved ones. Happy that with each new day comes another grand opportunity to live life to its fullest, embrace & savor every moment, and find the joy, beauty and God in every detail. =)

I also extend warm gratitude and thanks to earthmother (IntheRaw), Rebecca (PurelyDelicious), and Ingrid (RawEpicurean). Thank you so much for your input for Jazmyn's Plea. It really warmed my heart for all of you to take time to send out your assistance. You all are the best!! xoxo

On top of the above stuff, this was my daughter's last week of school. She had finals and projects up through today. Unfortunately, I haven't worked out this week. So you know, it's on and poppin' this weekend! One of my favorite workout tapes (Yes, I do realize I need to update to dvd's. lol.) is by Gilad. I so love his workouts. With him, you can't blink without breakin' a sweat. I also am looking forward to seeing "Terminator Salvation". Anyhoo, amongst this and visiting fam, I will find the time to just chill. Atlanta is supposed to be getting "liquid sunshine" for the next week so I look forward to layin' in on one of my four days off!

I hope that you have a wonderful weekend! Be sure to do something for yourself, Beautiful!
And as always, "Do you".

Much Luv,

What's happening with you this weekend?....


  1. A cocktail and a flower! My lucky day.

    I am glad to hear your brother is stable enough to be released later today. A wonderful video that the two of you can watch together is Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days. Incredibly inspirational!

    Enjoy the long holiday weekend.

  2. You know.. I was looking for this on Netflix. Definitely plan on watching it. I believe my brother would be open to this.


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