Thursday, May 28, 2009

Where's My Piece??

Hi Beautifuls!

Hope that this week is coming along well for you. Mine is fine. Didn’t do too well on my 100% raw day. Started feeling bad (I’m sure from detoxification) at work & didn’t want to feel that way at work, so I ate some baked Doritos. Today is a new day, so I’ll play it by ear. I think that I will try a weekend eating 100% raw. That way I can go thru detoxification in the privacy of my home.

But onto the topic at hand. Recently, Atlanta city council president & mayoral candidate Lisa Borders had her home broken into – for the third time. Yes, I said the third time – within 9 months. To make matters worse, she was at home sleeping this time when it occurred. See story here. I bring this up because a popular radio show host posed the following question on yesterday. “As a single female, what would you do if someone were to break into your home?”

My personal answer is, “Get my child, gun and hide.” I presently don’t have a gun, but I do want one. As a single mother, I have pondered this for awhile and am settled on owning a handgun. I’ve gone so far as to check out local gun shops w/firing ranges that offer classes. Me and other single co-workers and some friends have even discussed going to Ladies Night at local firing ranges. (Yes, gun stores w/firing ranges do offer a Ladies night.)

Some of you may be wondering why, with a kid in the house, I would want to have a gun in my residence. My short answer is for that very reason. I’m a single woman Which for some reason tends to garner less respect than a woman w/a man. (Refer to post & comments on NuKynk) and I have someone precious (my daughter) at home. And cat. My viewpoint may (or may not) be different with a man in the house. However, I have to function and deal with the present as it is. I can remember a time, not that long ago, when I never would’ve considered this. But my views have changed. I’ve had my home broken into (a few years ago) and my child freaked out (let alone myself) for weeks about it. I honestly would feel more comfortable with one. I can remember mentioning my desire to own a gun to a guy I was seeing once and he was not feeling it. So I pose this question to the ladies and gents reading this post.

For the Ladies:
Are you opposed to owning a gun? Why or why not?

For the Gents:
Are you opposed to your lady/wife owning a gun? Why or why not?


  1. Great conversation piece....
    I currently do not own a gun, but I have been toying with the idea for numerous years. I do not feel that I have fully educated or prepared myself for the use of one yet. My last visit to a gun range was nearly 3 years ago. I am an advocate for responsible gun use. I also understand the purpose for having a weapon is to protect my life, and making a split decision that will possibly end someone else’s. Ms. M

  2. I am not opposed, though I was not too long ago. My DH just purchased 2 guns and has learned to use them. I plan to follow suit soon. We have a son, but the guns are well out of reach in a safe that only he and I know the combo.

    The only time I don't support having a gun is when the owner is uneducated and careless with them.

  3. Hey there,

    I totally understand your desire to protect your home and your family.

    You have the right to do just that.

    I'm a firm supporter of gun ownership for women.

    I've owned a hand gun since the age of 23 and I'm now 40 years old.

    My son is nine-years old and is well aware that there is a gun in the house and feels very safe knowing it's for our protection.

    He doesn't know where I keep it though.

  4. As a married woman I must say that I would like to own a handgun.
    My hubs isn't always home with me!
    We have 3 kids here (and a cat LOL) and I don't play the damn radio - especially in these days and times (recession and all).
    A lady has to do what a lady has to do.
    *My hubs is all for it by the way ;)

  5. I have so many children coming in and out of my house like the Cosby Show - not that I leave them unattended but I would still be afraid they would find it.

    My husband (ex Marine and Army Vet) is big on women and self defense, my step daugther is working on her Kung-Fu black belt and he also plans on taking her out to the range to teach her how to shoot - I've reluctantly agreed, but still on the fence about having one in the house.

  6. Thanks for the response, Ladies! I never knew so many women were down with gun ownership.

  7. I'm definitely down. Or, I should say my husband is definitely down; he has been discussing getting a permit for ages. I think I would be terrified to actually hold one personally, though. But you have to protect your home.


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