Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Smile, cause you are beautiful!

Today’s Tresses will focus on the twist-out that I did from the twists pictured in the post from last Tuesday. As I stated in that post, I used Qhemet’s Olive and Honey Hydrating Balm w/Sheamoisture to twist. I then topped it off with the Aubrey Organics B5 gel. My twists came out okay, although in my opinion they were a bit poofey. (We’ve had some rainy days lately). I would love a product that will successfully win the humidity battle and render me well defined twist-outs w/little to know frizz. I’m honestly trying the different products and combinations out to a.) use some of my product stash up and b.)find a holy grail combo that will give me the results I’m looking for.

I don’t think I will repurchase the Qhemet’s OHHB again or the Aubrey Organics B5 gel. They are both okay on my hair but I think I can find something that will work a little better. Although my issue w/the OHHB maybe that I used it on slightly damp hair as opposed to totally wet hair. That tends to make a difference for me when it comes to using products with a substantial amount of oil in them. Aubrey’s B5 gel has some wonderful natural ingredients in it but the hold is less than par for my hair. I’ll probably twist with Miss Jessie’s Curly Meringue next week, so I’ll definitely let you know how that comes out as far as frizz control is concerned.

I also want to share with you the henna that I prefer to use. It is Yemen henna and it is considered to have the highest dye content in it. This is doubly good for me because the dye is the conditioning ingredient in henna and it covers my 5 gray hairs (Yes, I count ‘em) very well. Tried to get a shot of them but I couldn’t get it right. The color of them after my henna treatments is like a dark orangey red, if that makes sense. I like it b/c it adds a little flavor to my hair. Not that they are that obvious unless your right up on me and my hair is styled a certain way. They mostly hide on their own. I suppose I’ll let my daughter give it a try next time. I’ve included some close-up photos of my hair so that you can see the henna glow. My hair is black so I wanted you to see how henna affects dark hair. In sunlight (and this flash) you can see the slightly auburn-ish cast to my hair.

..."The eye..The eye!!".....

The henna mix that I go by is very simple. You can find it on Curlynikki.com. It is in her wonderfully simple Henna Me Beautiful video she’s done. I do the same thing. I use the same ingredients as CN which are green tea, honey, water and time. And let me tell you about henna loosening your curl pattern. It can happen so you definitely have to observe the effects of your treatments. I haven’t hennaed in awhile because it slightly straightened the top front portion of my hair that is a thinner texture than the rest of my hair. (Boo.) So I’ll probably begin using it again maybe next month and stick to hennaing once a month. I want to try NaturallyBeautiful’s (Wild Haired Woman). She uses hisbiscus tea and powder in her mix to pump up the coloring effects. And you know, that curious product junkie in me is itchin’ to give it a whirl.

If you have any combo’s, suggestions or comments do share.
Happy Cinco De Mayo!!


  1. Nice review on the products you've tried for combating frizz. I tried The Cherry Lola Treatment http://allnaptural.blogspot.com/2009/04/new-style-and-cherry-lolas-treatment.html
    the link to her site is also there - and it did a really good job of controlling frizz after the first time I used it. I wonder if it would help with twists - maybe using the treatment right before you twist or if you wash/rinse your twists before unravelling using the treatment on your twists after they have been put in and then after drying unravel them. I will try this the next time I do my twists to see how it works :o)

    Anyway, I've used Organic Roots Stimulate Loc and Twist gel and have had good results when it comes to frizz.

    @henna - Although I really like my gray streak lol@your measly 5 hairs :o) - I will try henna this summer as well - I think having a streak of a lighter color in the front of my head will make me look less like Lilly Munster.

    I'm not too sure which recipe to use though - as a first timer - I was just going to stick to the instructions on the mehandi.com site - henna, lemon juice etc., but maybe I will try the green tea, honey and water. I also feel apprehensive because the front of my hair is straighter than the rest - so I plan to just try it once and if all goes well - maybe do it once every other month or so.

  2. Hi Laquita,

    I saw the that post on your experience w/the Cherry Lola Treatment. Great results! I'm definitely interested in giving it a whirl. It's on my list of things to do. Lol.

    I've read that you can mix henna w/amla to combat it loosening your texture. I may try that the next time I henna. I definitely want to know how your henna experience goes once you've tried it.

  3. this just reminded me that I need to go out and buy a henna today, i am taking my braids down and my hair hasnt been conditioned properly in awhile.


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