Thursday, May 14, 2009

This Is A Public Service Announcement!

Hi Beautifuls!

I hope your week is going well. I just had to pop in w/a PSA regarding the CW's show, "The Game". I personally love this show. It's funny and has excellent writing. Unfortunately, as a "black" or "minority" show, it tends to get the "red-headed stepchild" treatment. I don't want to see it wind up with the same fate as "Girlfriends" or "Half and Half", two of which were some great shows w/equally great writing and comedic timing. So I've included some tweets from twitter/

Please RT Watch the hour long season finale of The Game this Friday May 15th 8/7c on The CW Network.

I'm gonna be 100% honest with y'all If we don't watch and support the show this Friday in its hour long format.

Then this Friday will be the last new episode of The Game EVER and will become the series finale instead of the season finale.

The CW will be monitoring the finale 2 see how the audience responds. This episode & the ratings will play a big part if the show comes back

The CW decides the fate of The Game May 21st. We need to let them know we're not going down without a fight. Next week is Save The Game week.

Check out this preview for the hour long season finale of The Game this Friday May 18th on The CW


  1. I am upset with the idea of removing this show from the CW lineup. First, they remove Soul Food (the series), then Girlfriends, now The Game. This is ridiculous. I am definitely a supporter in protecting this show. Ms. M

  2. Wow.

    I've never seen the Game (too upset about Girlfriends and Half and Half to go back, really), but if it's anything like those shows were, I'll tune in.

    I really want the sitcom, as a whole category of show, to survive. We're so immersed in this reality show madness that real shows that employ professional writers and actors are going to start going under. That would be tragic.

  3. Me too, Ms. M.

    Alicia, ita w/you on this "reality show madness" that has taken over t.v. It's gone way too far!

  4. Half & Half was my favorite show (due in large part to Big Dee Dee). Anywho, I plan on watching The Game but it comes on the same time as Prison Break so I have no idea how to balance that, lol, anyway ... I think I will watch it, it's a great show and should get better kudos.

  5. Hey Diabolical!

    Every time I watch a repeat of "Half and Half", I always think "This was a really great show. Just why.". Anyhoo, I totally understand the conflict that can arise when two of your favorite shows are on tv at the same time. I need to invest in tivo. Lol.

  6. I love The Game and watch faithfully. It's a shame we really have to fight for our shows. But the BET's and TVOnes's really need to step up thier game. They can either create or take over these shows that these other networks no longer want to provide the urban audiece with.
    TV One is a bit better but the crap on BET now for original programming is just unveiwable.


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