Monday, May 4, 2009


Good Morning Beautifuls,

I hope that your weekend was lovely. How did it go?..I hope well. Mine was good. On Friday I did get to see the movie, "Wolverine: X-Men Origins" and it was AWESOME. I must give thanks to Hugh Jackman's personal trainer for a job well done. Just magnificent. (sighs) I didn't make it to yoga (sad face) but I did get an awesome workout in w/my fave fitness guru, Gilad. Still sore. I'm definitely hitting the gym today. Okay. Enough about me, let's get to the really good stuff.

Lottery Winner Gives Prize to Charity
April 17) - A Michigan man who won $10,000 in the state lottery's Club Keno game has donated his winnings to a charity.

Soon after winning the money on March 11, Jim Dancy of Richland, Mich., decided others needed it more than he did. So he gave it all to the Greater Kalamazoo United Way.

"I was heavily influenced by my close friend Julie, who taught me to think of others first, and to stop and think about what life is really about. I know the needs in the community are great right now, so for me it was the right thing to do," Dancy said in a statement released by the Michigan Lottery.

Mike Larson, the charity's president and chief executive, called the gesture an "incredible act of kindness and generosity" and said the donation couldn't have come at a better time.
He says the economic downturn is making it tough on the agencies that the United Way serves.
Larson said that because United Way is a charitable organization, the winnings will not be taxed.
Dancy is co-founder and chief operating officer of a biological research company in Kalamazoo.

I must say that I really respect Mr. Dancy for his action. That was really big of him. Honestly I cannot say that I would've given all of my winnings. Again.. Much respect to him. I still have much growing to do. Lol.

What would you have done?
And how was your weekend?...


  1. Wow! In today's climate that is a rare and selfless act. May it come back to him three fold.

  2. Hmmm, that's a good question. I definitely believe in giving back, but to give all the winnings - wow!

    My weekend didn't end up the way I expected. I was under the weather, but that's ok. I got a chance to rest my mind, body, and spirit! :)

  3. Hi Tina! I agree! That was very selfless of him.

    Hey Ms. M! Sorry to hear that you weren't feeling well. But like you said, at least you got a chance to rest you mind, body & spirit. It's a necessity to take time to do that.

  4. Mr. Dancy's actions were honorable and show he truly did think of others first and followed his heart. His friend Julie should be proud.

    What would I do? It would depend on a number of circumstances, my best guess is that I would have certainly donated some of the money to a great cause/charity.

    Glad you had a good weekend. I stayed home relaxed. :-)

  5. What a great story. I probably couldn't give it all either, but that was a really cool thing for him to do.

    And I haven't seen it yet! Thanks for the info.

  6. Great story :o) - I also went to see the movie this weekend - although I'm not really into the X-Men saga (my husband is) I thought it was very entertaining. My sister even asked were Hugh Jackman's muscles real - I told her yes, he works out and asked why she would ask. She said because - he's old. Gotta love the teens :o)


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