Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Benefits of Taking Algae

“Ewww” is usually the first thought that comes to mind when you hear the word algae. In actuality, it’s not as “eww-worthy” as you may think. I mention algae because I twittered that I was taking e3live and a friend of mine inquired about it, which is basically what it is - algae. Not to mention, I also have chlorophyll. This age old form of life has its health benefits. Initial reports claim that Algae can help fight cancer, AIDS, heart disease, lower cholesterol, boost the immune system, and detoxify the body. And being the health-nut that I am, I have ventured into testing these claims (which, by the way, I believe to be true).

Here's a little info. I found on the web:
These claims are very encouraging and enlightening for something that floats around in the pond. And although there still needs to be more research done to validate those claims, there are supplements available to see if those benefits are a fact. The popular blue-green algae really aren’t algae at all, but bacteria called cyanobacteria. Although, algae doesn’t produce any byproducts that can be toxic to humans, cyanobacteria does, which is why you should be very careful when purchasing and using blue-green algae supplements. Spirulina is the most popular, and the safest, type of blue-green algae available. Many supplement companies grow spirulina in controlled ponds that are regularly screened for toxins. Even those that harvest it from nature make sure it is a pure product. So, you’re asking yourself what are the benefits in taking algae. The benefit is that it is a great source of complete protein because it has all the amino acids and contains a good range of vitamins and minerals. Also, spirulina is a vegetable source of omega-3 fatty acids and is a good source of antioxidants.

When one mentions green algae, they are generally referring to chlorella. Like spirulina, chlorella contains a wide range of amino acids, vitamins and minerals, as well as high levels of chlorophyll. Most people prefer spirulina to chlorella in terms of protein because spirulina is about 50-75 percent protein and chlorella only contains 45 percent protein. However, green alga has other benefits. Chlorella helps build red blood cells and is a good detoxifier eliminating waste from the kidneys and liver. Chlorella also has something else spirulina doesn’t have and that’s a compound called CGF, chlorella growth factor. There are theories that chlorella can protect and repair tissue and slow aging. Red marine algae may help in fighting chronic viruses like the flu or herpes. Another red algae called, Irish Moss, increases the thyroid. Red algae is less popular than the first two and harder to find.

When taking algae start slowly and build up but don’t use all the time. Also, take algae in powder form instead of a pill. The powder lets you control how much you are getting. You can also get your algae from foods such as barley, wheat and alfalfa grasses. Whichever one you use you can't go wrong, algae is a health benefit for all.

snagged from Associated Press

About a month ago, I lucked upon finding a single bottle of e3live at a health food store. I say lucked upon because I don't see it often sold like this. And seeing as, it is normally sold in a set of 5 bottles for over $100, I jumped on buying one bottle for $30ish. I take it in the morning while my stomach is empty. The closest term that comes to mind as far as it's taste is "grass-like". Not terrible, but "grass-like". But don't fret if you're interested in trying it, it also comes in "mint flavor". As far as how I feel or any difference, I can definitely see a boost in the morning after taking it. I've also noticed more regularity (if you know what I mean). Although this could be an effect in me increasing my raw food intake, I still attribute most of this to the e3live and chlorophyll.

Will I repurchase this? Yes.

Lovelies, I am attempting 2 full days of an all-raw diet so wish me the best. It will be very basic but nonetheless all raw/living. I've been inspired by Ingrid's (RawEpicurean) hubby doing a full week of 100% raw foods. I am so sure he ate well that entire week, seeing as he's married to a raw epicurean. =) Another inspiration came from Connie at NakedFoodCafe. I found her story by way of earthmother's twittering. Check it out here.


  1. Gurl every time I read your blog my stomach hurts!! LOL! But I do admire your healthy habits! I started taking Co Q 10 I'm sure you've heard of it.. what are your thoughts? See I'm trying!!!! I gotta a long way to go before I can take Algae!

  2. Rofl at KIM. You are hilarious! Yes, I've heard of CoQ 10. I may have taken it, at one time, years ago. I think it's great that you're doing something to benefit your body and health in a positive way.
    (still laughing)
    I told y'all that I'm a health-nut! Lol.

  3. You know I've heard great things about the product e3live but have yet to try that particular brand. I do have and take spirulina and blue-green algae from time to time.

    Aw, Peter and I think this is way cool and we both wish you the very best. He feels honored he indirectly inspired you. How did it go?

  4. Thanks for your info on algae! I am researching this for anti-inflammatory effects to help my Rheumatoid Arthritis. I am 32 w/ 3 little ones and could use all the help I can get. So....thanks!
    Amber Z.


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