Sunday, April 5, 2009


Hi Beautifuls!

I couldn't wait to share my experience at the World Natural Hair Show. I had a wonderful time! The vibe, the people, the vendors, the performers were all very nice, informative, and friendly. And yes, there were some great deals. =) (PJ creepin' out). The celebration of beautiful natural hair was everywhere!

Many vendors were there. Some well known, others breaking out on the scene. But all offered products geared toward managing & styling natural hair. The lovely Tito & Miko from Miss Jessie's hair products were there in full effect. They were gracious enough to pose for a photo. Their booth stayed packed & busy. They were selling their products for half price. So, of course, I snagged a jar of Curly Meringue.

Not big on Miss Jessie's?.... Well, another constant bustling booth was Jane Carter Solutions. As busy as she was Ms. Carter didn't think it too much to take time out and strike a pose w/me. Very down to earth and helpful as to the benefits and how to use her all-natural products. I bought two full-size bottles of leave-in for $5...a piece. (PJ is on a roll now!)

And I met the lovely and highly informative hair blogger, Curlynikki. She's just as sweet as her blog. And as you can see, her hair was on point as usual.

And here are some random shots that I took. It really was a wonderful event. I look forward to next year's being even bigger and better.

**Updated/corrected post. My apologies but I had to delete some misinformation that I received. Again I do apologize for this and will take full responsibility for it. While it is not normal for me to simply slap information up on this blog, in my defense I am only human. Just be sure that from here on it out, I will be absolutely sure to thoroughly verify/research any information given to me.**



  1. Hello Doll,
    With everything going on over the weekend, I missed out on going to the event on Sunday. I am definitely a little upset about that!

    I'm glad that you enjoyed yourself. Thanks for posting the photos! Ms. M

  2. Thanks! I only wish my hair had not been trippin' that day. Outside of that, it was a really great experience. I'm really looking forward to next year's.

  3. Great coverage! Curly Nikki is a cutie and so are the Miss Jessie's sisters. Maybe I will catch it next year. Thanks for the update.

  4. Oh I definitely need to get more info on this. I live in FL but Georgia is a nice road trip!

    My best, Lynn
    I'm going to follow you now.


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