Thursday, April 2, 2009


Hi Beautifuls!

This is my update on my two-day juice detox.

By late afternoon I still was not physically hungry. Mentally though, I wanted to eat. It’s a trip! When I assessed myself and how I was feeling, I got the same thing. Not physically hungry but mentally, I missed food. I don’t think I realized how much food is a part of my daily existence. I’ve thought about eating foods that I haven’t had in months. I was seriously tempted on the way home from work. Again, not out of physical hunger but mentally I wanted to engage in the act of eating. Thankfully, I made it past all that and didn’t cave in. Other than that, I feel good.

This particular juice fast, through Arden’s Garden, is a mix of fresh organic grapefruit, orange, lemon juice and distilled water. I don’t know about you but based on what I’ve read, greens are the best juices to detox on. So because of that, I added my Vitamineral Greens powder to my juice yesterday evening and this morning. Call it cheating or whateva you like. I just didn’t feel 100% comfortable doing a juice fast without some green in it.

Feel free to weigh in on this and tell me what you think…


  1. Congrats on completing you detox. Sounds like you took in a lot of vitimans. A freind of mines did a 40-day 40 night liquid/fruit fast. He ate fresh fruit, bananas, apples, organes etc... and drank V8 and he still ran in the mornings and aside from losing weight (he was already very slim) he said he felt great :o) To celebrate the end of his fast, he ate lasagna ;o)

  2. "40-day, 40-night"!! Wow, I'm impressed! I don't know if I could do that, but then I hadn't tried. Rofl at the dish he ate at the end of it. I am not mad at him!

  3. Ha ha, Torrance!! I leave that one for you.


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