Wednesday, April 1, 2009

O.M.G.!!...I WON!! I WON!!

Hi Beautifuls!

I honestly was not gonna post today because I had such a horrible morning. Horrible meaning I was highly pissed and in tears! From a late homework night, to bad traffic, to a conflict with a franchise owner who refused to admit their wrong-doing. Now, put that on top of events that had already occurred and current events and.... What can I say?... it was pretty much a suckey morning.

Anyhoo, after getting past that I decided to peruse my lists of blogs. After reading Chicoro's inspirational (and much needed) post I caught eye of Newly Natural's blog entitled, "You Were Born to WIN, Cheris"! I thought, "Am I misreading things?..Is there another Cheris?" etc, etc.. So, I read the post here and see my photos and needless to say, my day has been made! Oh my, God! The universe is back in balance! (smile)

I honestly don't think that I could speak on today's occurrences better than Chicoro. She hit the nail on the head. It's a great read. Check it out here!

Kcurly, I thank you again for the opportunity given to win a gift card and for such a great hair blog!

I began the juices this morning and I honestly wanted to stop and get a egg/cheese biscuit. Now keep in mind that I hadn't wanted one of those in a while. So I began to think, "Am I really hungry?". My answer was and still is "No". It was all in my thinking. I'm so used to putting food in my mouth that my mind was pushing me to get some food out of habit. And no, I'm still not hungry. Just juicing and drinking clean water. I will continue this detox through tomorrow. I'll be sure to keep you all posted.

Peace and Blessings,


  1. Congratulations to you, hon! I'm sorry to hear about your morning, but as you said, "the universe is back in balance"!
    Ms. M

  2. Congratulations! I am feeling burned out, so I can empathize when you have those kinds of mornings/days.

  3. Thanks, Ms.M.

    Thanks, Gem. Hang in there, Lady!! I hope you take some time off once all of your school assignments are complete.

  4. Congratulations! Keep us posted on your juice fasting and juicing. I juice as well!
    Great Blog!


  5. Hi Calming Corners!
    Thanks for coming thru. I'll definitely update on tomorrow.


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